Bésamé Cosmetics Cake Mascara in Purple

I've been dying to try Bésamé Cosmetics Cake Mascara.  Well, I finally broke down and bought it .  I bought purple !!   It comes in black, brown, and purple.  The whole premise is that you wet the brush(provided) and stroke it against the mascara cake and apply to your lashes.  This gives you so much better control and definition.  It's so buildable and makes your lashes feel utterly light and soft.  The only drawback is, it isn't waterproof !  It's not a mascara to wear at weddings or funerals.  Other than it not being waterproof, I definitely recommend it to anyone.  Bésamé Cosmetics is cruelty -free, eco friendly, zero waste, and vegan.  It's made in small batches to have the highest quality.

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  • Patricia Alton

    This is fun! I love purple mascara, I love different colors of mascara, i have purple, pink, green, blue and red and i have a lot of fun with them! Its too bad this cake mascara doesn't come in more fun colors but oh well, purple is great! And I would see if I could find a clear mascara? E.l.f. makes one, I'm sure others do as well... Great review!

  • Danica

    What?! This is a thing? I love all things mascara. Not being waterproof is a plus for me-easier to remove. I’m going to look this up. This is a really pretty color-a little adventurous but not too wild. I usually skip using mascara on my bottom lashes because of my dark circles, but this color looks like it might work for me. I like the pan-I never know what’s left in my mascara containers/bottles. Thanks for reviewing this. Rare to come across a type of makeup I haven’t tried.

  • sally peabody

    Wow this is all new to me ! I have never tried cake mascara. fabulous review you make it sound irresistible except for the fact that it will smudge. Not good at all for me. I would probably build with it and top it off with a smudge proof mascara. These days I only use black so iy might work for me. You bought purple which I like a lot and would use myself only unless we have another smudge proof purple we would loose that ideal color. Sounds great though. Congratulations on winning the giveaway last night !!!

  • Melissa Griffith

    It has been forever since I have seen a cake mascara. I din't realize they still made them. My grandmother used to have some that I would play in as a child. Thanks for sharing and posting.

  • Lisa


  • Elizabeta Manna

    I am so happy I read this review ! Thank you for such a detailed explanation ! I have such thin eyelashes . I don't know if it's because of aging or what but, I need my more definition to my lashes . I also appreciate that this product comes in the colors that I use for eye shadow's I use . Another product on my wish list .

  • Amanda Lingle

    This is yet again a new thing I learned today. I have never seen mascara come like this. This makes me want to try it. Purple how cool is that. I usually stick to my plain old boring black. But I may have to give this a try.

  • Sarah

    Interesting! Does it add volume?

  • Lori Odaniel

    This looks fascinating would love to try it.