Bellepierre HD Finishing Powder - is it any good? | CHRISTIAN GLAM

Hey guys it’s Christian here with my first video on PrismPop!
Today... is the Bellapierre Finishing Powder any good?? I'm trying a new product for the very first time so we'll see! ✨
Here’s my review…
🙌 First Impressions: The Bellapierre HD Transluscent Finishing Powder feels so fine and smooth! I can tell just from touching it that it’s very finely milled, which to me means high quality!
🖌 Application & Use: Lightly brushing all over my face makes my skin look and feel amazing! BTW, I used my Jeffree Starr brush with this and it worked fabulously with the Bellapierre HD Finishing Powder.
✨ Results: 
It reflects light so nicely in the under eye area, and really minimizes pores.  I have a lot of skin to cover (because bald is BEAUTIFUL), so it’s important that I have a powder that works with me... thankfully, this powder is with me, AND making me happy!
💭 Final Thoughts: This powder makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and makes me feel YOUNG! I would absolutely recommend giving it a try. 
If you want to try the Bellapierre Finishing Powder, click "I Wanna Try 😍"
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