Bell pepper serum

This bell pepper serum has made my skin glow. And it soaks into your skin really fast. I have only been using this for almost a week now and i have noticed a huge change in my skin already. This serum helps my skin retain moisture and keeps mu skin looking healthy and glow all day long. The packaging is simple amd compact and you can grab and go. Place it in your makeup nag or purse for if you dont have enough time in the morning to use it. And just put it on at some point during the day. One of my new must have in my beauty bag.

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Does this one have a thicker, thinner or same feel as the 🍅 serum? I have heard great reviews on the bell pepper and 🍅 serums. Everyone raves about how great it makes your skin feel. I so want to try these.