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Before and after using Brow Wiz ✨

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow WIz gives my brows game because they are so versatile and easy to use.

⭐ The Brow Wiz is pigmented and precise. The nib is very thin, which helps give you amazing control and helps prevent big mistakes. This is great, however because it is so thing, it runs out very quickly...especially if you use it everyday! 
⭐ I first started with the Brow Wiz way back in the day, and even though I had like ZERO practice with brows. There were hardly any tutorials out there, but I was still able to create beautiful arches because it was so user friendly.
⭐ It's really buildable, so I can achieve a more natural looking brow or a dramatic brow depending on my mood!
👍 It’s an amazing brow product I still use almost daily and recommend it to everyone 💕

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  • Luz Yanez

    I LOVE brow wiz! I’ve yet to find any brow pencil as this as this! The ONLY thing I use brow wiz for is to outline my brow and to add “hairs” to the front of my brows. Smoothing out brow wiz with the spoolie it came with makes it have a more natural appearance. It lasts all day. For the price it is definitely worth it!

  • Micheala

    I suck at doing my brows this definitely helps a ton. Thanks for the great review

  • theresa

    perfection you filled in your brows nicely .thank you for showing how your brows look with a pomade versus the pencil i love the bold eyebrows you posted the bottom pic with the three brows .im thinking i need to get this for myself can you recommend a brush to use with it ?

  • Maya

    This looks like it gives you such a natural brow look!

  • Dorothy schmidt

    This looks like such a good product your brows look amazing I have thick brows so I done really use many brow product but this looks very nice

  • Shelly Jacquez

    love this and seems so easy to use