Beauty Box form Walmart

Yes so today this is what I received in the is the fall beauty Box for m Walmart..I really expected better but can not complain for $5.00 no s/h. Ok where to start 1trial size Degree antiperspirant spray smells good.1Nyx Lip Oil. 1Dickind's Hydrating Toner. 1Hello Hemp seed oil +coconut natural fresh peppermint too the paste.1 Tooth brush. and last but not least 1Package of Natural Visit tamin Calm.iv used calm in the past and it's really wanted rth the money.. will rks that's it.i wouldn't say it's the best beauty Box but not the not complaining u could of done worse myself..I think the products are all nice and sure will use them.just wanted to show the summer beauty Box incase some want to order.look $5.00 you can't go wrong..thank you for reading my review I'm not the best at it but also not the worst lol..

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  • Kelly K

    That one is better than what I got! You got completely different products except the Calm. I like yours a lot better and they just raised the prices so it's not $5 anymore it's like $7.