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This was my first attempt at using my Beachwaver. I have the 3/4 inch and the 1 inch barrel Beachwavers. This was with the 3/4 inch barrel. The whole process took almost 2 hours, but the curls lasted several days. I went slower because it was a new tool for me. Now I can do my hair in less than half the time and it looks much better than my first attempt. I really like my Beachwavers a lot. I do not have the Beachwaver Pro. I couldn't justify paying $70 more (regular prices) for basically the same thing. My sister has the Pro and I've used it several times. You get the same results. 

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  • Mary Ann Purvis

    I love your hair!

  • Amanda

    You look AWESOME!!😍😉👍

  • Michelle

    Looking good Mama... I love it ❤️

  • Micheala

    Love it

  • sally peabody

    You look flawless..beautiful skin and the hair ! I have straight thinner hair but I would love your look. Someone did a review on a style product with a similar name on Prismpop and the results were similar. It had simply dried naturally that way because of the product. I will have to look back for it. Great review !

  • Liv

    Love this! I have a hard time with my hair holding a curl but I think I’ll try this!!!