Beach Waves

Hi everyone!

In this video, I'm showing how I use a flat iron to achieve bouncy beach waves. This look is perfect for summer, which is right around the corner and hopefully the Nation & world will have overcome this pandemic so we can all get back to life. 

🌸First, I begin by totally combing out any tangles or knots in my hair and making sure it's completely dry. 

🌸Then, I use a light sprits of Chi flat iron protecting spray. It smells a little like cologne but I love it. It keeps my hair from frying and makes it more shiny after using hot tools.

🌸Next, I take down the bottom section of hair and move up later by layer making sure to rotate the direction of the iron so as not to create a "uniform" curl. I don't use hairspray because I like a natural feel and try not to wash my hair every day. (Product buildup) 

🌸Finally, between each section I gently brush my fingers through the hair to tame and soften the curls & VIOLA! 

  Thanks for watching, let me know what you think! 👇🏻🗣





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  • Jessica

    Well geeee if I hadddd straight hair, I'd be doing this too😂 everybody's always told me I have natural sexy beach waves😂 idk if I'd call them that, my hair is obnoxiously curly, like the kind that's straight in a couple spots & like African American curly in other sports, & thick Irish style curls everywhere else😂 desperately trying to find new looks for how to style it in summer, I have tons of short curls that never make it into a pony tail, but styling curly hair that has a mind of its own, is just about impossible 😩 love your video!😊

  • Sabrina

    This. Is. Amazing! This is the perfect tutorial! I may not be able to do it with my hair but wow, yours looks great. I like how you showed you doing it first then explained in detail how you did it. Then also have it in print. I would have never thought about rotating the direction. Great tips & video. Rock that look! 💜