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Basic Mom Look

Let's be honest. I'm a mom. And my looks will be as basic as they can get when I'm even lucky enough to get my sh*t together! On this particular day I was able to. Hair NOT in a bun. Shout out to Drybar's Triple Sec 3-in-1 Finishing Spray for allowing me to get some cute braids by adding texture to hold in place because to be honest, sometimes my hair is on 3rd Grade just finished playing on the playground mode and unravels. Idk why but it does. Anywho Drybar is one of the pricier hair products I've purchased but sweet baby Jesus it protects your hair again UVs and the smell amaze-balls. 
Earrings are always being ripped out because again my babies and well when I lost a real diamond earring I vowed to not wear them around my kids again so this Time And True bamboo earring for less than $5 at Walmart came through clutch. Idk about anyone else but ummmm I'm styling on a budget lol. To finish this look eyeliner and lashes. Now don't judge me however this particular lashes are from the Kiss Brand and I love the the look. Light in the inner eye and they flare as they come out to the outer eye. Big fan of lashes and when I saw Sally's have these in stock and not my normal brand I caved in and tried them and honestly they've been a fav. My eyeliner in this look is from none of than yours truly BFF Liquid Liner by ColourPop which I mean come on their brand with price and quality never seem to disappoint. 
And there you have it mi gente my basic non basic mom look. 

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  • Maggie

    Wow you are gorgeous! Love your lil snapshot of your life, congrats on the little ones!! Great recommendations for the #momlife. And don't worry NOBODY is judging you for any choices, we all love a steal & deal and even people with expensive products sometimes find a new love in something super cheap - you just never know what'll work for your needs! Thanks so much for sharing your look and hope to see more of your beautiful content soon! 🥰