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Basic Blue: Smoke & Mirrors Pallet Look 1

Hey everybody! I've finally gotten to uploading a new look using Revolution Pro's Smoke & Mirrors pallete! This pallete is soo beautiful and SO many fun tones to play with! I'm really excited to share more looks with this soon!

As my first look with this pallete, I wanted to start with a Basic Blue look, kind've just playing around with some basic colors. I've also given numbers to each shade to help you follow with me!

To start with this look, I used #7 as a base all over my lid and undereye with a small roundshadow brush. I also added in #4 under my crease and on my undereye to create a bit more depth. In order to lighten the look (and add a bit of sparkle), I placed a touch of #6 as a topcoat by tapping it on with my finger. I loved the color so much, I also used it as a light highlighter under my eyes. <3

In order to match my lips to the eye look, I used Sephora's Cream Liquid Lipstick in Stone Blue (my favorite lip shade!) and lightly rubbed on Wet n Wild's Galaxy Blue lipstick o (to match the shimmer)! 

This was really just a basic attempt, so only included eyes and lips but I'm SO excited to get some really adventurous looks out of this palette!

Want me to try a look? Post your suggestions below using the shade numbers and what you want to see me try!!

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