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BABY HAIR ALERT: Collective Labs Serum Results Update!

I’m down to 1/3 of the bottle of the Collective Laboratories hair serum. Gotta admit I am not very good at using it 100% consistent, but I am seeing results in multiple areas!

🚿What I am using with it and how?Post Shower
🍃Collective Laboratories Activating Serum - massage into scalp, focused on my middle part and two side of my forehead
🍼Briogeo Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-in Conditioning Spray - trying this one out, I use this when I am air-drying my hair. It has similar effects to the Farewell Frizz blow dry perfection & heat protectant crème. It leverages natural ingredients to smooth hair, enhance shine, and tame frizz.
🍯Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Repair Serum - A very famous Korean hair oil. I’ve gone through at least 3 of these! It does a good job in sealing in moisture as a final step, and smoothing my hair on in-between-wash days.

✨Results I’m seeing!
💁‍♀️Front Hair Growth - So a lot of the little hairs in the front that I pulled out from tight ponytails are starting to grow back at a noticeable speed! Can’t wait for them to be long enough to be a part of my bangs lol.
💆‍♀️Side Hair Growth - The triangles sections on the side of my forehead are looking fuller and bleeding better with my bangs
🛢Oil control - So-cal heat + Air conditioning + Sitting in front of a computer all day + Working out = Hair is a OILY MESS. This serum has helped be adjust to wash every 2 days to wash 3 days, noticed my hair being less smelly/itchy on day 3!

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  • Caer

    Ooh this looks so great! I wanna try this so bad!!

  • Micheala

    thanks for this amazing review

  • Lori Martinez-Smallwood

    How long has it taken to go through 3 bottles ? Thanks! :)

  • Candace

    Those results are pretty great! I love that you focused in on one area in need of help to really get detailed results. GREAT CONTENT!

  • Rita Whirls

    Nice review. I need to try this help my hair.

  • Lori Martinez-Smallwood

    I like the oil control, that's always nice.

  • Pauline

    Glad after using these serums your actually seeing results. This is quite a close up due to the dilemma you are currently experiencing. Hope this will work for you. Have you talked to someone a doctor who can suggest a vitamin? Thanks for sharing.

  • Sayeri

    Great post!! I suffer from hair fall a lot ! For 2 years I have been shedding a lot after changing my place , I am not sure if its due to water but I am trying to make it less ... currently I am trying Ryoe jayang anti hair loss shampoo ( got from amazon) and collective laboratories Activating serum !! Both are herbal and I am looking forward for Some good result!! I am also taking biotin and vitamin d supplements and also brushing my hair upside down to increase scalp circulation 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  • Kelly K

    I haven't noticed much of a difference yet but I used some on my daughter's hair and overnight it was a huge transformation. No one could believe how much better her scalp looked. Hope mine starts doing the same. Anyway, I love my highlighter by OFRA Cosmetics! It's very shimmery, pigmented, and goes on beautifully. I look for tone and texture in a highlighter when selecting a new one. I tend to go for more pinks or some whites then just tans. I'm not really sure about any tips on helping decrease hair shedding. Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend! Stay gorgeous!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Wow,! . I hope my hair starts filling in wher6r my hair is thinning.. I am only on the second week. I do feel that my hair is getting thicket already though. Ad for losing hair, I have been using Biotin vitamins for skin, hair, and nail support. My beautician recommended it to me.

  • Brooke Wallace

    I would love some help/tips with hair shedding! I will be using the tips from the post above. I use coconut oil on my tips to keep my ends from splitting which has lessened hair shedding.

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    I have baby hair 🥰 Lolo. It is long and the cut makes it look thick, but really, it is super fine and thin *pouting and batting eyelashes* I’ve been wanting to try Collective Laboratories Activating Serum❗️❗️❗️ The reviews on PrismPop have been pretty good. I already have some Briogeo products. Just waiting to finish some other products that I’m using. I’m anxious to use the Briogeo! 🧐Got any tips to decrease hair shedding? I don’t really have any tips. I do all the things that you’re not supposed to do to limit breakage and shedding. *bad girl!* Lolo. Like... My hair is always in a pony tail &/or bun. But I guess I do use, and suggest using, products that help to limit breakage, especially when you blow dry and use hot rollers, straight irons, and curling irons. I 💗💗💗 Biosilk!

  • Ja-Nee

    What a great post. I am so glad that you are seeing results.I don't have a current highlighter but I will definitely check these out. I like how they are subtle and soft. To reduce hair shedding, I use a bonnet and a silk pillow case. It helps with hair breakage.

  • Christy Lee

    Thanks for your thorough review! I’ve also been trying the Collective Labs hair serum and been really happy with my results! I tend to try and exfoliate my scalp at least 1-2x a week with a hair/scalp scrub (been liking Zion Health’s coconut vanilla one!), and then using a moisture mask (such as CP-1 hair fill-up mask)! Using both of those products along with the CL hair serum keeps my hair from shedding. I also find that regularly brushing my hair (1x every other day), helps to mitigate shedding and unhealthy hair!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Great review and results look good and I may have to try these because I'm beginning to experience some of the same problems.

  • B

    Great post! I love that you're seeing results! I'd also suggest adding It's a 10 leave in conditioner to help lock in moisture an strength. At least that's what I like it for. It also tames flyaways if you do it midday before having to go out (you know, before SIP) and is really great for adding a fresh scent to your hair again. My only suggestion for minimizing shedding is really to not comb your hair that often and when pulling hair up, not to tug too hard and consider using a water or oil to help you get the sleak look, if that's what you were going for with pulling back your hair into a tight pony.

  • Rukhsana

    my favorite highlighter is the anastasia beverly hills amreezy highlighter. its so metallic and buildable, it has very little shimmer and glitter and rather more wet looking which are exactly what i look for in highlighters. tips to decrease hair shedding will be try to keep hair less damaged and use organic oil based hair oils on the roots of the hair before very wash.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great review on these amazing products.

  • Kelley Harner

    It looks like you are getting great results and that is amazing. So happy for you. Like you, my hair breaks from tight ponytails so I know exactly what you are going through. Thanks for all the helpful information! You made a great post.

  • Deanna Straub

    Awesome post! I love seeing an update about the Collective Laboratories Activating Serum. I am not surprised to see the positive results from the wonderful product. Great job Kachina.

  • Patricia

    The more I read reviews about the serum, the more I want to try it, what has helped me with hairloss is Davines Hair Growth Stimulating Serum, more recently I added again Biotin and Hydrolized Collagen, as far as highlighters I like a formula that is easy to blend, and that looks natural, I use a MAC one that looks pretty natural, one swipe is all I need, my favorite affordable one is by NYX I like it because it's quite buildable from barely there to super shiny, I even use it to highlight my eyes, works like a charm, long staying power, and the price is right! Thank you for a great review!

  • Tiffany

    My hair is thinning and Ive noticed breakage. To combat this I just bought Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3, I also started drinking more water and taking Biotin. The gummies taste so good its the one Vitamin I dont mind taking!

  • Tiffany

    I like Floss and Ofra highlighters. They feel good and more importantly look good on me. For everyday use Bliss by Ofra is my go to highlighter.

  • Rose Katz

    🌺🌺This is a great post. I am so excited for you that the baby hairs are showing up and will soon be part of your bangs. That is awesome! Thanks for the great review! 🌺🌺