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Baby feet or Nah? My experience using my first ever foot peel.

My first time ever using a foot peel. 


You have heard of chemical peels for your face and you may have even been on the receiving end of one. People rave about them! I have even had a mild facial peel before just to experience one. But have you ever had a chemical peel for your feet? 🦶 Personally I never had until recently when I decided to give it a try to see what type of results I would actually receive. I won’t give away my final thoughts until the end but I will give a PSA:  DON’T PLAN ON ATTENDING ANY EVENTS OR MAKE PLANS THAT REQUIRE YOU TO WEAR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SOCKS AND SHOES FOR THE NEXT WEEK AFTER APPLYING.....


I had my husband pick up the Baby Foot exfoliation foot peel. It’s $25.75 at my local grocery store and to be honest for me that’s very expensive for what you get. You get a single use pair of plastic total foot booties. I was not aware of this prior to sending my husband off to purchase them and for the money he just spent I was praying to the foot gods that at the end of this the hard/rough parts will end up smooth and identical to my 6 year olds baby feet. 😂🤞🏼


I followed the instructions and made sure my feet were clean before placing them inside the booties. Make sure you have nothing to do for the next hour! Because that’s how long these will need to be on your feet. This does not completely soak in and you will need to rinse your feet afterwards to remove the remaining peel serum. The box said it lavender scent but to be honest there wasn't any scent that was discernible as lavender. In fact I wasn’t able to pick up any scent. 


Results are not immediate. In fact the box says this process will take 5-7 days total (hence the warning in the beginning). The first few days after application I did not see any exfoliating or peeling. By day three however there was significant peeling beginning to happen. It was so cool!


Larger portions of skin continued to peel off between days 3️⃣➡️5️⃣. I can only describe it as a sunburn that peels off. 


Days 5️⃣➡️7️⃣ pretty much the majority of the bottoms of my feet had peeled and the peeling was smaller pieces along the sides of my feet, my heel and toes. I was a bit disappointed that bigger pieces did not peel off of my heel as that was the roughest part of my feet, but peeling happened none the less. 


Day 7️⃣ and beyond there is practically no peeling. The skin feels smoother but there are still rough patches on the balls of my feet and heels; though not nearly as rough, dry and cracked like they were before. If that makes any sense at all. 😂


I can not say that my feet are as soft and youthful as a babies foot. Do they look nicer? Yes. Do they look better than before? Yes. Would I do this again? Absolutely, especially now after getting the initial dead skin layer off I am super curious to see how much if anything would peel or if I would get better results the second time around. 


Have you done a foot peel before? What are your thoughts?

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