Awesome matte lip stain perfect for all occasions!

This Loreal Signature Rouge Matte Lip stain is AMAZING! It's a reasonably priced drug store purchase that is of professional quality (both product and packaging), in my opinion. 


The color pictured is called "I Rule" and it's a gorgeous, nudish pink color that is perfect for an everyday look, but can also work well for a natural evening look. I also think this particular shade would look great on all skin tones. 


The applicator is one of the best I've seen. It's very soft and sightly flexible, which allows the product to glide on with ease. The shape of the brush allows for a perfectly precise application. 


The product is very wet weather initially applied, but it dries very quickly. One could a easily apply a few "coats" if looking for a richer color, as it does dry quickly and does not smear. 


Throughout multiple wears, I did not every experience any dryness of my lips or flaking of the product and the color lasted several hours. 


I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality matte lip stain with long lasting that color that doesn't dry out the lips or end up flaking during the day. Personally, I love the shade "I Rule", but the entire line offers a good variety of great shades! 



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