August Lip Monthly Bag

August Lip Monthy Bag
1. Hikari Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Envy $17
2. Cargo Essential Lip Gloss in Stockholm $16
3. Cleo Noir Liner $???
4. Estate Lip Icing $10

Overall, this month was 2/4 for me. I absolutely loved the Hikari eyeshadow! This brand has always been amazing, IMO. I can already start imagining the tons of eyeshadow looks I could create with it!

And the Estate Lip Icing was gorgeous😍

But, the cargo lip gloss is a shade I won’t use, and I don’t need ANOTHER black eyeliner 😅

But for what I paid for it, yes it was still absolutely worth it!

@lipmonthly This is a paid subscription, I am not promoting, just giving my humble evaluation of the products I received 😊

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