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At home salon: Color, cut, care! 💆‍♀️PrismPop Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a Drybar Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner 30ML Duo!
omment on these PrismPop posts with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question(s):
🧐Tell us about any experiences/tips you have on coloring your hair or maintaining hair color! What hair tricks/skills have you learned yourself since quarantine and salons closing?
Watch and Comment on the posts linked below! Technically, commenting on this post does not qualify... even though we do appreciate it 😘
➡️ Super Quick Haircoloring With Shampoo & Conditioner by Hieu
➡️ Fresh cut & Ultimate HAIR CARE with Collective Laboratories 🌿 by BMARSZ

👑The winner will be announced on September 10th @6 p.m. 🥰 
The winner from the previous PrismPop Daily Giveaway is.....(drum roll...)🥁
❤️Tiger Kennemer-Washeba❤️
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  • Rita Whirls

    Congrats Tiger. These products would be nice to try. I color my hair once in a while, haven't for about a year. I need to change my hair soon.I just air dry my hair. I use a little hair oil and braid my hair a lot to help from breakage or damage.

  • Rachna Sharma

    I don't use the chemical hair colors on my hair. But yes I color my hair naturally with henna. I put henna, curd, tea water and make a paste and apply it to my hair and for shinning I add few drops of lemon juice. It give shinning to my hairs. After that I wash my hair with the water only and apply the oil and then next day I wash them with shampoo. The hair care I use is I just do the air dry my hair naturally. I dont use dryers, no heating tool.

  • Heather koehler

    I really would love to try this me and my daughter would use it!!

  • Kelly K

    Congrats Tiger!!!! To be honest I'm horrible at coloring my hair lol! I usually just use a box she like Ganier or Loreal but my hair gets really dry so then I end up having to do a hydrating hair mask at least once a week. I prefer Hi-Pro Australian Tea Tree hair mask of any hair mask by Hi-Pro. If you can afford it though, I rather let the professionals handle it. Which I know wasn't possible during the lockdown. Anyway, hope you all are having a great day!

  • Corey pomroff

    I really need these products..i have tried everything it seems like and nothing has made my hair look like this..i love the hair color too..no staining and so easy to apply

  • Denise

    This would be great to try. I have very curly hair almost ringlets. It's hard to find something good.

  • Remi Costello

    I would love to try!

  • Rukhsana

    color your hair while naturally at its greasiest. using hair mask every time i shower softens it for sure.

  • Pauline

    A good salon color is probably your best bet. I my self color my own hair with highlights. Maintaining works out well with organic and color safe shampoos and I do a get deal of deep conditioning since I have dry scalp and dry thick hair. So conditioning is pretty routine. Still damp dry, comb out and some hair clipping back hair off my face. Toot a loo.

  • Kelley Harner

    I have learned to take better care of my color treated hair over the years. Something I didn't do when I was younger and first started using hair dyes. I also always use shampoos and conditioners designed for color treated hair. I live in Florida and am constantly in chlorine or salt water and one thing that has saved my hair color is being sure to wash out the chlorine or salt water whenever I am finished in the pool or ocean. It's so important to get those chemicals and elements out of your hair!

  • Michelle Helms

    I have a lot of hair color advise that I learned the hard way. Just by doing it. When you are going to color your hair there are so many different options. There are semi permanent which washes out in a certain amount of time and permanent which is going to stay that way until it grows out or you redo color. One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first tried is not doing a strand test which is you take a small section of hair I normally do a small section a base of my head on one side and put all the rest of my hair up in a bun so I don't get anything on it and I do the color test on it to make sure that I don't have a reaction to chemicals and most importantly I know what my color will look like when I do it because if it isn't right or comes out so weird color I know not to use that one and I can hide it in my hair versus my entire head being a disaster. Also don't wash your hair 2 days before you color your hair it helps prevent damage also don't color your hair multiple times you should wait at least 48-72 hours before doing any color work or redo because you don't want to have your hair damaged and break off. If your hair had been professionally done before COVID-19 then all you need to do is your roots and then when you have approximately 5-10 minutes left apply to rest of hair because again you don't want to over process and damage. You can get the longest color life by using color safe hair shampoo and conditioner You don't have to break the bank Suave VO5 are typically$1.00 to $2.00 dollars and work just as good as big name companies. So you can look great during pandemic.Just remember conditioner is really important because you don't want damaged hair for sure.

  • Tina Dalasinski

    I love trying different shampoo and conditioners and would love to try this out..❤️

  • Deanna Straub

    Congratulations Tiger Kennemer-Washeba! I have no hair advice today but I really enjoy watching the videos and reading everyone's advice. Cheers!

  • Sindra ~

    To me dying your hair isn't rocket science IV been dying my hair for many years.i also hi light my hair..w hi lighting my hair I part it in sections put the dye on it put foil around the sections I hi lighted then wait so long and rinse out.every dying kit is different.the one I won't use is called splat it's just to runnie and thin it makes a mess so given the fact it was a bad experience I use color give and my hair is a nice red not dark but a shade of red..I have dark hair so I'm carefull w colors I choose I don't want to look washed out..all you do is take your time.i also have very long hair it can be a challenge to hi light your hair when it's long.i don't do the beauty salons I never have.i won't do the beauty salon due to covid 19..how do you social distance and wear a mask you don't know who is a carrier of this pathetic virus.id rather be safe then sorry..all I'm saying is I'm not a beauty salon kind of person never have been and never will be.mi don't need my hair messed up by someone else.im good..

  • Marlena Fannin

    Congrats Tiger Kennemer-Washeba ☺️

  • Margaret manning

    Aweaome. I try and do mine every 3 months

  • Emily Kim

    exciting . I don't color my hair often but my aunt does so would love this for her

  • Emily Kim


  • Tamara Poole

    I color my own hair. I've gotten so much better at trimming my bangs....I have naturally curly hair so there's definitely a trick to it. I've also found the right product line for my hair.

  • Sonika Shrivastava

    I color my hair once in a month to maintain my hair look, i don't like to change my hair color. I usually color same or little change in color sometimes darker or lighter shade. To maintain my hair color i use loreal color protect shampoo and conditioner. I think coloring my hair boosts my confidence and look.

  • Rose Parasiliti

    Well, I can't color my hair, because I am allergic to an ingredient in hair coloring. I only found out by coloring my Mom's hair one day and I thought I saw a little gray on my side by my temple so after I colored my Mom's hair I just put a little bit on my hair and washed it off and my skin started ousing fluid and turing red so I called the dermatologist and some steroids and washing my hair with peroxide and I shot later I was fine. So much for that with me.

  • Micheala


  • Naf

    Congrats Tiger!

  • Cyndy Hotchkiss

    Would love to win this and try on my blonde hair. Tried so many products to tone.