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Are You "Oh! K" With Your Look?

🤔 Are you "Oh! K" with how these products turn out?

Packaging: It's really attracting to the eye with a cute panda slouching on top of each sheet mask while there's a panda holding a sign saying "not tested on animals" on the jar of moisturizer. Both masks and moisturizer are in vivid colors. Despite the cute packaging, no English instructions are to be found anywhere. It's true that there're some tiny picture tutorials across the back of the mask but no directions for moisturizer, so you may need really good eyesight to spot it. It's not difficult to put on a face mask or use moisturizer, but it would have been super helpful if there are directions in my opinion.

For the most part, I like using K-beauty skincare and makeup like a lot of the users on Prismpop here. However, I can only use these products on one condition....they have to be completely vegan or made with all-organic products without any fragrances. As a person who has extra sensitive skin and eczema, I would always need to be careful in reading all the ingredients on a label to make sure there aren't ingredients that can possibly cause breakouts, patchy skin or even a sudden case of rashes. 

Peering against the section where the ingredients are listed, I see the word "parfum/fragrance" that would often make an appearance & make me cringe every time I glance at the ingredients in the back of the individual-wrapped Korean face masks. However, it was the case this time as well for Oh K! Skincare. 

Felt a bit disappointed when I found my tester bag came completely sealed & didn't have a zipper, so ended up having to cut it open even though I wanted to save it for future use.

🌺 One important factor to remember: The Oh K! Skincare line is supposedly to be "fitting for vegans," but beware if you are allergic/sensitive to fragrance.

Oh K! Skincare Line

Found in 2014 • Cruelty free, vegan, has fragrances, gluten-free • Main Goal: Providing skincare products for real people who give real results.

Unfortunately, these lightly-fragranced products aren't recommended (even lightly-fragranced isn't ideal) for people with overly dry and sensitive skin like me, so use with discretion if you end up deciding to test & review. My mom has regular skin type, hence there was no problem regarding skin issues. Out of the 5 products in the tester bag, only 1 of the 5 was suitable for me because it didn't contain any type of fragrance. So, I used the foot mask while my mom tried out the 3 face masks and the glowing moisturizer for me.

➡️ Full size (2.36 oz) container of Oh K! Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer ($15)

➡️ Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask ($9)

➡️ Replenishing Jeju Island Hydrogen Mask ($7)

➡️ SOS Skin Clarifying Green Leopard Print Sheet Mask ($5)

➡️ Brightening Watermelon Pink Sheet Mask ($3)

SOS Skin Clarifying Green Leopard Print Sheet Mask: The aroma of tea tree oil and willow bark hit my nose as soon as I slap this baby on my face.Tea tree oil is supposed to help calm down the acne and acne scars, and soothes the redness, inflammation, and swelling too. After 15-20 mins of usage, didn't get any irritations nor redness or itchiness, no stinging either which is surprising since I have sensitive skin. It feels super duper soft and there's still a lot of serum left inside the mask. Love the super cute & calm looking forest green mask with leopard spots.

Brightening Watermelon Pink Sheet Mask: Benefits: Rich in Vitamins A/C/E, controls acne & eczema, heals acne scars, & restores moisture. It's a light pink, paper-tissue material mask upon ripping open the sachet. Almost tears it up while taking it out because the texture is so thinly made. Lightly watermelon scented, nothing too overpowering to the nose. Takes 15-20 mins to use. Has a subtle, existing cooling effect without even being refrigerated beforehand, so this ends up being my favorite mask and product out of the entire tester bag. A tissue texture kind of mask in pink, with watermelon as the main ingredient. Good for acne scars & heals eczema. 

Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask: Has peppermint and chamomile. It's white with black polka dots, shaped like socks but in plastic. Good for tired feet & make them soft. After using the foot mask, I think my feet haven't looked this good in 20 years. It is so soft like tofu and there's no dead skin or patchy skin. It makes my feet feel moisturized for at least a couple of days, although I am not sure if I will pay $9 for a single foot mask. Comfy and cooling, doesn't feel stuffy at all inside booties. Still has a lot of leftover serum after usage. It's lightly scented; skin feels moisturized and hydrated.

Replenishing Jeju Island Hydrogen Mask: Packed with green tea & prickly pear from Jeju Island, super hydrating & exfoliating, treatment feels like a fancy spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. Rubbery & slimy (like seaweed) to the touch upon opening plastic packaging. Thin piece of mesh fabric in between of the face mask. Lightly scented & refreshing. Keeping the gel mask on for 20 mins, face feels dewy and well hydrated after taking off the mask. Have to keep tilting my head to a certain angle in order to prevent the gel mask from shifting and sliding off, so it's annoying to put back in place each time. Still has lots of leftover serum within mask after using.

Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer: Making your skin glowing and moisturizing, and has a high source of Vitamin E. Rather skeptical to put the moisturizer onto face t first as there are ingredients involving vegetable oil & canola oil. Whipped & creamy consistency of filling it all the way to the top in the container. Cream went on smoothly while absorbing quickly. There's a strong scent of fragrance, and texture doesn't feel sticky or greasy. Skin feels so soft, looks glowy to the eye, and it's great for hydration and moisturizing. Anyone who's allergic to fragrance isn't recommended to use products with perfume, so use with discretion.

Thank you for the tester bag, courtesy of Prismpop Testers & Oh! K Skincare!!

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