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Are These Lipsticks Really Everlasting? 🤔⌛ My Review!

Liquid Lips took the makeup world by storm in the early 2000’s and changed the game of lipstick. They took pigmentation, texture and wear to the next level. One of the CLASSICS are the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. 
🎨The lippies come in 39 shades. They’re mostly reds, pinks, and nudes, but also include blacks, purples, grays, and teal. 
❤️I have four shades that I can swatch on my hand and on my lips. 
Lovesick - a mauve nude
Bow N Arrow - fawn nude
Lolita - chestnut rose
Outlaw - brick red 
✅Applying the liquid lip is quite difficult for me, but only because I’m trying to reshape and overdraw my lips. 
✅I start lining my lower lip because it’s easier to line and don’t need a lot of “adjusting” shape-wise. I go from the corner of my mouth and create a seamless line to the middle of my lip, then try to get it perfectly symmetrical on the other side. Then, I color them in. 
✅For the upper lips, I draw from the corner to slightly before the center on both sides, then I modify my cupids bow to a desired shape. I then color it in and fix any unevenness. 
These lipsticks last for up to 7 hours without any need for re-application. Once it’s on, it does not bleed or budge. They’re perfect for when I go to dance class or go out at night.
⚠️However, there are certain limitations. I definitely need a touch up after eating. Also, if you apply any gloss or balm on top, the lipstick immediately loses it’s super matte, long-lasting quality. They are also drying, but that’s kind of expected with liquid lips. 
💯In general, I think these liquid lips provide a look that’s not only flawless, but is also super low-maintenance. They’re perfect for everyday wear, but also for special events.
As for shades, Lovesick and Bow N Arrow are by far my favorite shades. They are amazing for everyday wear. Outlaw is my least favorite and Lolita is in the middle.
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