April Allure beauty box cont- akar skin balance toner mist

I was never a really big fan of toners until I got some samples of the Byroe bitter green essence toner, I started using them consistently after that, but then I recieved this *akar skin toner and I don't know if I am over the moon about this one.

The smell... The info I gathered on it, is that it's made with soothing floral waters ( from rose and neroli)and oil wickening white willow bark extract. I don't get that smell at all. It's so harsh and wicked strong.

Trust... I totally trust akar, so I am going to use this and I will  give an update if it makes my face fall off lol

💰 $55 for the 2oz ( I have a 1 oz)

Thank you for viewing! Have you dabbled in this product? What do you think? Wanna try? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below for some coins! I'll see you later! ✌

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