Applying Tinted Moisturizer

👌 I always use this Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer below my foundation (or sometimes even as foundation) because it has SPF and appears more natural!

🖌 When applying, ensure that you rub in an upwards motion, almost like you’re giving your face a lymphatic drainage massage

💁‍♀️ Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer gives a lightweight, flawless coverage and has an SPF of 20. I’m using shade ‘SAND’

⏲ Use this product whenever you’ll be out in the sun and want a little coverage

💯 Recommend this for those that like a natural look


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  • Amanda Lingle

    A tinted mosturizer works for me sometimes when I actually dont want to wear a foundation that day. I havent yet got to try this brand but I will remember it for next time I run out. I use a sponge usually when I apply mine. But looks like you using your fingers works just as well.