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(CLOSED)🌿Review Bestselling Farmacy Green Clean Balm for FREE!

9-17 Update:

Thank you so much to all who applied! We have begun the vetting process and will release results via email. If you did not sign up with the email that you applied with, we can not send you email results. We have very limited quantities so please be understanding and supportive of each other. Thank you!



We’re looking for passionate beauty lovers to review the award-winning makeup remover from Farmacy. The Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm has been making waves in the beauty community for a while now, have you tried it yet? Whether it’s been your holy grail or something on your wishlist, this is your chance to try+review it for FREE! Ready for some satisfying makeup-melting action?

🛍Featured Product 🛍
🌿Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm 50ml
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✨How To Apply? ✨MUST-READ
STEP 1: Sign up or Log in on PrismPop
STEP 2: 👉Follow PrismPop Testers on PrismPop
STEP 3:  Fill out the application form here.
(✨There is an important question in the application form about your current favorite makeup remover! Please pay close attention when filling out.)
(We have included the address fields in this form to expedite the process of selecting and confirming PrismPop Testers) 

📆Timeline 📆
Wednesday, September 9th 12 p.m. PST: Application open
Tuesday, September 15 11:59 p.m. PST: Application close
Vetting and Winners announcement: September 16-18th
Fulfillment: Begins September 18th

⚠️ Rules + Tester Requirements⚠️
You are required to Post 1 look post reviewing the product What’s a look post? Requirements are as follows:
✨Post is due 1 week after the product is delivered
✨ Have multiple pictures or video
✨ Show how you use it: Include pictures or video of the product in action, posts with just packaging pictures will not be accepted
✨ Before/after: Show its makeup removing powers!

✅ We select testers based on how active they are on PrismPop and the quality of their content.  
✅ New users and qualifying old users all welcome!
✅What can you do to increase your chances of being selected?
- Post “Look Post” or “Long Post”s on products you have, show us your skills in taking good product pictures and writing informatively! Read Posting Q&A Here
- Write high-quality reviews on products you already have, including pictures!
- Write helpful comments on posts on PrismPop
Note: We start screening testers once the application closes on 9/15, so all posts/comments/reviews uploaded before 11:59 PM PST 9/15 will be counted.
⚠️If your skin experiences severe irritation or an allergic reaction to the product, you are not obligated to keep using it for the tester review. Everyone's skin/hair reacts to product different no matter how popular a product is, your health is safety is a priority. 

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