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CLOSED Keep Gleaming✨6 Melanie Mills Hollywood Face&Body Highlighters!

05/15 Update:❗️

Thank you to all the applicants for supporting us! We will begin reviewing applications and take the following steps:
- Review applications and reach out to selected testers via next week. The email will include address confirmation to expedite the fulfillment process. 
- If the selected testers do not submit their address confirmation by the deadline included in the email, waitlisted testers will be contacted. 
- We will send out an email to everyone who applied but was not selected by 6 p.m. Friday (5/22). 
- Fulfillment will begin the week of Monday, May 18th. Each bag will be hand-packed with TLC. 🤗
⭐️Due to the high volume of applications, please allow for a potentially longer vetting process. You are all so awesome and we are moved by the amount of support we've received!!! Follow this post for updates! 


Nothing can stop this summer heat from taking over, just like nothing can stop you from gleaming wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. We are partnering with the cult-favorite Melanie Mills Hollywood for this Tester Bag to help you gleam and glow all summer. Featuring Melanie Mills Hollywood’s star product - the Gleam Face & Body Radiance, this tester bag will boost your natural radiance to the next level. 

💖We’re looking for passionate beauty lovers to review deluxe samples. We provide the products, you give us honest, informed reviews. Join the PrismPop Reviewer Squad now!
‼️Not interested in this round’s deluxe samples? Don’t leave yet! Follow us for more updates and upcoming review bags!


How To Apply?
STEP 1: Sign up on PrismPop
STEP 2: 👉Follow PrismPop Testers on PrismPop
STEP 3:Comment, review, post, and be active on PrismPop
STEP 4: Fill out the application form here.
(We have included the address fields in this form to expedite the process of selecting and confirming PrismPop Testers) 

🛍What’s In Your Bag? 🛍
 Gleam Face & Body Radiance Sexy Sampler Set
The Gleam Face & Body Radiance Sexy Sampler includes 6 mini sample sizes of each Gleam Face & Body Radiance shade.
OPALESCENCE  - Our most universal shade made up mostly of our moisturizing sheer base leaving a soft opal pinky iridescent glowing finish.
💫DISCO GOLD  - The party girl with tons of golden sparkle. An antique gold that melts into skin sheering out leaving a soft golden finish with tons of shimmer. Our most shimmering shade.
🍑PEACH DELUXE  - Peachalicious! This shade has Soft peachy undertones with a Champagne pop.
🌹ROSE GOLD - Rose Gold was the first shade Melanie developed, the shade that started it all. A rich rose color with deep golden undertones.
🏆BRONZE GOLD - A Mediterranean pure liquid bronze with orange and olive undertones.
🏅DEEP GOLD - A unique rich golden chocolate shade with red undertones.

📆Timeline 📆
Thursday, May 7th, 11 a.m.: Application open
Thursday, May 14th, 11:59 p.m.: Application close
Vetting and Winners announcement: May 18th - 20th
Fulfillment: May 18th - 24th 

😎 Who's more likely to be selected  😎
⭐️We select testers based on how active they are on PrismPop and how engaging they are in different ways.           
 ⭐️We will take all the following factors into consideration when selecting Testers...
- Number of quality reviews, comments, posts
- Number of followers
- How active you are
⭐️Share this opportunity with your friends! Invite your friends here!

📝Rules 📝
💫If you’ve applied for a tester bag in the past and completed your reviews, you are still qualified to apply.
💫 You are required to review all 6 shades in the tester bag, based on how each shades work for you, feel free to elaborate different uses and comments
💫Your product reviews are due 1 week after you receive the products, if you do not complete product reviews for all products you will be disqualified for future applications.☹️
💫Product review must adhere to the PrismPop product review guideline to ensure they are informative, honest, and helpful. Pictures are required ❣️

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