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CLOSED! Beauty Solutions🤓PrismPop x Touch In Sol $127 Value Bag

Update 6/19:
Thank you to everyone who applied! We will begin our process of selecting testers for this campaign. Selected testers will be contacted via email next week. By the end of next week, everyone who applied with a valid email address will receive an email indicating if you were selected or not. Thank you for your participation and patience. We're so excited for you to try these amazing products!




Let’s approach makeup and skincare with a problem-solving mindset. We’re partnering with K-Beauty powerhouse Touch In Sol (click to learn more about Touch In Sol) to bring you the Beauty Solutions Tester Bag, a $127 value skincare bag targeting a variety of beauty problems. Touch In Sol is known for its primer and foundation products, and this tester bag 3 primers for different skin types, a gentle peeling exfoliator, and a universal ultra-moisturizing cream. All to create the perfect base for your beauty! Are you ready to explore your beauty solutions with your fellow testers?

We’re looking for passionate beauty lovers to go above and beyond to review these 5 full-size products. You read it right, 5 full-size products. Only 100 bags are available!

🛍What’s In Your Bag? 🛍
The bag includes 3 of Touch In Sol’s (click to learn more about Touch In Sol)star priming products and 2 facial skincare products the target different skin problems. 
No Poreblem Primer - Learn More
No Poreblem Priming Essence - Learn More
Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm - Learn more
 Mission Complete Mild Scrub - Learn More
All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream - Learn More

📆Timeline 📆
Thursday, May 28th 11 a.m.: Application open
Thursday, June 18th 11:59 p.m. : Application close
Vetting and Winners announcement: June 22th-26th
Fulfillment: June 29 - July 3

How To Apply? ✨MUST-READ
STEP 1: Sign up or log in on PrismPop
STEP 2: 👉Follow PrismPop Testers on PrismPop
STEP 3:Comment, review, post, and be active on PrismPop
STEP 4: Fill out the application form here.
(We have included the address fields in this form to expedite the process of selecting and confirming PrismPop Testers) 
⭐️We select testers based on how active they are on PrismPop and the quality of their content.           
What can you do to increase your chances of being selected?
- Post “Look Posts” or “Long Post”s on products you have, show us your skills in taking good product pictures and writing informatively! Read Posting Q&A Here
- Write high-quality reviews on products you already have, including pictures! View Review Guide
- Write helpful comments on posts on PrismPop
Note: We start screening testers once the application closes on 6/11, so you have plenty of time to boost your chances

📝Rules 📝
You are required to review all 5 products in the tester bag. Acceptable formats are as follows:
⭐️5 Reviews: 1 review per product, pictures are required for each review. PrismPop product review guideline
⭐️ 5 Posts -> 1 Post per product, multiple pictures for each post, description acts as your review
Note: Try the product on and give your comprehensive reviews, pictures of just packaging is not considered helpful
💫Your product reviews are due 1 week after you receive the products. If you do not complete product reviews for all products you will be disqualified for future applications.☹️
💫If you’ve applied for a tester bag in the past and completed your reviews in time, you are still qualified to apply.

⭐️Share this opportunity with your friends! Invite your friends here!

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  • Angie

    So sad it closed. I really want to try thisssssssssss.

  • Leslie

    I would love to he selected to try these out!!

  • Pam Jackson

    So excited to have been selected as a tester or this bag! I love all the products included, can't wait to try them, and can't wait to review them!!

  • Heaven Kelough

    I got a surprise email saying I was chosen after all yesterday! Super excited about all of these Touch In Sol full sized products, and I can’t wait to post my reviews! Thank you so much for choosing me!

  • Kay

    This is my first bag!! I'm so excited. Congratulations to everyone else who won! And for those of you who didn't get picked, I'm crossing my fingers for you for next time.


    Well I can't believe I didn't get picked this time really. Don't believe it. Oh well. Good luck and make us proud those of u who got chosen. I still think they didn't see my app. Do a great review and help sell the products you get. I really wanted this one to try. I Wii be looking at the reviews to see how u all did. Good luck

  • BriAnna Nicole

    I'm so excited to receive my bag and review all of these products! This is my first prism pop bag, thank you guys so much for choosing me 💖💖

  • Kelly K

    Thank you PrismPop for choosing me!! I so sorry worried after previous times and not hearing anything usually means you weren't selected. Thank you for listening and being more fair this time! You won't be disappointed!! I have great things planned. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!😊

  • Danielle Gentry

    I cannot wait to get this bag!!! This is my second time being chosen and I feel honored because I LOVE Touch In Sol!!! Thank You PrismPop ❤❤

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    I was chosen and this will be my first one..i cant wait..thank you so much

  • Heaven Kelough

    I wasn’t chosen this round, but congratulations to everyone who was! Better luck next time! Enjoy your full sized products!! ❤️❤️


    Ok worried I never find out last minute. Maybe they been busy. I w Really want to know lol. Come on prismpop let me know


    Oh my god it is Friday I have not heard nothing anyone else hear yet


    No lol to close to i Usally no by now lol. Getting nervous but long as no one else has I am good lol

  • Kelly K

    Who all has gotten notified that they are getting one?

  • Kate D.

    I'm so nervous. I realllly hope I get three chance to review this amazing tester bag. I would do a great job. Please give me this chance! 🙏

  • Rukiya

    Yay!! I'm excited i hope that I'm selected cause I really wants to try this amazing products. good luck everyone ....

  • Rukiya

    Yay I'm excited hope I'm selected ang good luck to everyone.


    Yay next week we will know been excited to find out. All the products I really want to try in that bag.good luck all. Let me know on here if you get picked. Have good night

  • Melissa Green

    I can't wait to see who gets these awesome beauty products. 😍😍😍 Good luck to everyone hoping to be chosen.

  • Roni Abbett

    I am so excited for a chance to win a bag. I filled out my application a while ago. Good luck everyone!

  • Crystal Jones

    Fingers crossed and good luck to all!!🤞🍀


    June 22 -26 we find out. Waiting patiently lol