Anti-pollution Skincare with Activated Charcoal???

Hey PrismPop it’s Siana! I’m excited to try this very interesting organic face cleanser by Trisha Watson. Here are some of my thoughts…
☑️ Activated Charcoal: Removes toxins like pollution that can build up on your face throughout the day.
🌎 Sustainable: Trisha grows many of her product’s ingredients at her own farm!
🌿 All Natural: There are no harsh fragrances or chemicals, just all-organic goodness for your face!
✨ Plus: This is small batch skincare so you know it’s made with love 💕
How it worked for me...
🤔 Application: Went on very smooth but I could definitely feel a gentle exfoliation happening.
🧐 Result: My face felt refreshed, looked brighter, and felt like it gave my face a nice glow!
😄 Plus: I didn’t have to use too much product and it lathered well on my face. No mess!
Final Thoughts
🌍 It makes me feel better to know I’m cleansing my face of environmental pollution, which is pretty bad here in L.A. 😿 
💰 This cleanser is kind of pricey for the size ($42 retail) but it makes up for it by lathering so efficiently.
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