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Anastasia Beverly Hills soft Glam eyeshadow palette

I got this in the mail today from redeeming points I saved! and im very happy with this eyeshadow palette.
the formula is great the shadows are very pigmented they blend easy and look really nice on the eyes
some of the shadows do feel alittle dryer then others but most of them feel very nice and buttery
I love the shimmer shades they are amazing to do today's look

💪 first I primed my eyelids with my Ulta beauty matte eyeshadow primer
🥀 then I took the shade dusty dusty rose and blended it in the crease making it a little dark then lover in the crease
🧡 I took the shade sienna and kept that close to the crease
🍇 then I took the shade mulberry and blended it in the outter corner of the eye then only in the outter v
🏴 I took a little bit of the shade noir just to make it a little darker
🍇 then I went back right next to that with mulberry again to bring that color back a little
🥉 then on the rest of the lid I took the shade bronze
🍊and on the lower lash line I took a little of the shade burnt orange
🧡 then in top of that to make it a little darker but still letting it show I put the shade sienna again
✨and the shade glistening on the inner corner as a highlight

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