An exfoliating, Natural,Face wash!

This face wash is very cool and unique !

First you crush it ..use the whole thing or pieces. 

Then you add a few drops of water and work it into a paste texture. 

Then you can start washing your face ! 


You'll feel that this wash is not like the rest it has a very earthy natural smell to it , and th grainy texture exfoliates your face perfectly . Leaving your skin soft clean and polished ! They retail for 8-10 dollars per capsule .not too bad . Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did ! 

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  • Marley

    Did u get it in ur prismpop bag ... I love it thanks for commenting ❤️ feel free to share tips with me as well ..we all love makeup 😁

  • Sarah

    This stuff feels great, its definitely unique I have never seen another facial wash come on this form! Very easy to use just rip open place the little pill shade tablet in your palm and a few drops of water and watch it dissolve into a thick paste it smells like a hippish mix of jasmine/musk/ possibly some patchouli?? Smells very nice though not overpowering. It does a very nice job and your skin will feel unbelievably clean.