AmorePacific Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator

🧴What is it? A oil that brightens, evens skin tone, and  improves firmness for more radiant, youthful skin! 

💸priceThis oil is $250.00 for the full size. Because it is so pricey, I do not see myself ever purchasing this. I was just lucky enough to receive a sample size! 

⭐️My thoughts: I have really enjoyed using this product! A little bit goes a long way, and right away after using, my skin is so much more brighter and radiant! I have oily skin and really liked this product....but I would probably more recommend this for someone with dry skin! Also, the scent of AmorePacific products are amazing! 

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Being almost 38 I need anything to improve my firmness and even my skin tone out. I have oily skin and wonder how it would also work for me. But 250.00 is way to steep of a cost for me. Thanks for the review though

  • Brandy

    Heyhey now!! Great review!!🥰