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😱Amazon Eyeshadow Palette?!😱 Was it as good as the pictures?

Hello Hello Beautifuls!! 

It's been rather stressful lately... 🇺🇸 
I'm sure everyone can relate 😰😰😰 
Thankfully, Prismpop is here to give us our daily dose of distractions and to bring us some joy!

Today, I will be talking about a brand: DoColor, that reached out to me and gifted me their Soul Gemstone Palette that is available on Amazon (right now, only as a set with their other palettes for $35.99).

Now, palettes on Amazon can be pretty hit or miss!
I've had my fair share of misses over the last year 🤭 But have ran across a few good gems hidden amongst everything!

To Start:

This palette is a 9 pan eyeshadow palette, very reminiscent to Colourpop's monochrome palettes. They give a few darker shades for the crease, some shimmers, a glitter shade and a nice highlight shade as well. 
The shades are all a nice variety of orange and none are alike (although two shades are very close in color).

The shades do show up in the way that they look in their respective pans, however it does require some building up of color to get them to be very bold.
The shimmer shades are definitely creamier than the mattes, which I feel is usually the case with many palettes. 

Overall, I'd probably give this palette a 7/10. 
Not the most amazing palette I've had, but most definitely not the worst!

Feel free to check out the rest of DoColor's Gemstone palettes and makeup brushes on Amazon! I do have one of their brush sets and it is amazing!

Have you tried Amazon palettes? Have you liked them?


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  • Sabrina

    I think Amazon has a very decent selection of makeup. Love these oranges and the swatches. Thank you for all the pros and cons. Would love to see what you create with it! 💜

  • Marija

    Those colors look great for fall. I love all these shades of orange. They look creamy and not bad quality. I had never tried Amazon palette, but I will try this one. Thanks for sharing. Pls check out my posts, comment, like and follow me. Thanks! 💞

  • Breeana

    These colors are so pretty! Great review! 🖤😊