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Amazing Full Coverage Concealer

I received these concealer shades from the brand’s PR for review consideration.
⭐I love that they offer free returns and exchanges—for anyone who isn’t close to a Sephora or ULTA location that sells Cover FX and has to buy online, this is a really good thing to know when shopping the Cover FX site.
⭐I also love that they provide a chart making it easy to figure out which shades to use based on your Cover FX foundation shade (which is thankfully the same no matter which formula you choose).
🤑Price: $30 each
👍30 shades
🎨I used N Deep 4 to conceal and then set it with powder, then later went in with N Deep 2 to highlight. I can use N Deep 5 or P Deep 5 to contour—I like that P Deep 5 gives me a more pronounced contour with a warmer tone while N Deep 5 gives me more of a subtle contour. I could go with either one depending on the look I was going for.
⌛They gave me a beautiful look and even though it was unseasonably warm when I tried it, even by the end of the day after wearing it for 8+ hours, I didn’t have a single crease and it looked almost as good as when I first put it on.
⭐I used Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in N80 to set my highlight and P125 to set my contour.
👍I LOVE this concealer. The applicator makes it easy to apply (I blend it out with my beauty blender but you can also use a brush or your fingers) and the formula is a dream. Because I have more pronounced discoloration under my eyes after getting filler (I talk more about this
here), I need to use a concealer to cover the discoloration before I use a highlighting concealer.
👍Bottom line: Cover FX Power Play Concealer has an amazing shade range, performs extremely well without creasing, gives a nice radiant finish that doesn’t highlight imperfections, doesn’t settle into lines, and doesn’t look cakey.
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