Amazing Foundation !

🍯 Aura Honey Glow Cushion🍯

I am so impressed with this Cushion!  It arrived in a beautifully packed box!  Inside, there was: 1-Honey Glow Cushion, 1- refill, and some sample packets of whitening care.  There aren’t very many companies that provide you with a refill for your compact!  Speaking of the compact, it is simply beautiful!  It is attractive gold compact that fits beautifully in your hand.  You certainly could pull it out of your purse with pride.  Let me tell you a little bit about this foundation: 🍯Belgian Hot Mineral Water is used in the formula as it  was found to absorb easily and give skin a radiant  glow and smooth finish. 🍯Royal Jelly is known to nourish the skin,aid in healing  and maintain healthy skin. Green Propolis is packed  with antioxidants and helps lighten, brighten and  tighten the skin.  Honey is one of nature’s  great medicines and I’m always interested when a  product is fortified with it. 🍯It has a Rainbow Collagen Complex that helps  brighten, firm, plump, and even the skin tone. 🍯 White Sapphire is used to create luminosity and  a beautiful finish 🍯 Contains SPF 50, so no need to apply extra  sunscreen! 🍯Final Thoughts 💭:🍯 I found this foundation to have a nice dewy finish, but not overly shiny.  It lasts all day, makes my skin look and appear very smooth.  I also found that my skin looks very healthy and brighter.  This package retails for $47, which I find is very reasonable since you receive a refill with it. 

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  • Sarah

    Oh this looks very nice!! I bet it really helps your face stay shine free all day. Would love to try this thanks for the post