Amazing Concealer Corrector - Light to Medium

Hey loves! 👋🏼

Hope you enjoy this quick tutorial of how I use my Amazing Concealer Corrector to get rid of my dark circles and give a universal tone to my under eyes. 

This product especially goes well with my favorite concealer applied on after! 

So stay tuned for my next video, because it will be a continuation of my under eye concealing process!

Alright lovlies, see you in a bit!

@ElizaLovez 💗

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  • Micheala

    Could really use this

  • Amanda Lingle

    Like the fact that its a double ended product. Less stuff to fill up the makeup bag. I am always looking for a good product to help out with my dark circles under my eyes that looks natural and not get caked up. Thank you for all the helpful reviews.