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All Day Impressions of this Pro FIlt'r Instant Retouch Concealer

I was excited when news broke that Fenty was adding concealer to their Pro Filt’r line up. Recently, I’ve been using Fenty Match Stix in shade "Suede" as a concealer (which I love to pieces), so I had very high expectations for this launch. I was sent shades 400, 410, and 420 (my Pro Filt’r foundation color).
Putting my face on
💕I applied my Fenty Pro Filt’r foundation, which looks flawless, if I must say so myself. However, the bags under my eyes are not Chanel, and I could definitely use some concealer to cover them.
💕I then applied the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch concealer in shade 420. (Blended seamlessly)
💕To highlight my under-eye, I applied shade 410. (lightly set the concealer with the Fenty Universal Invisimatte Blotting Powder)
12 p.m.: This is what my makeup looked after applying the concealer in shade 410 and setting my face with the Pro Fil’tr Setting Powder.
3 p.m.: Three hours later, everything looks like perfection. I could have ended this review here, but let’s see what happens throughout the course of the day.
6 p.m.: My oils started to kick in but it still looked flawless. I have oily skin, so of course some oil started to appear, specifically around my nose. But that concealer? Did. Not. Budge.
9 p.m.: Usually I don’t wear foundation for this long, but I was back and forth from behind my desk and making quick runs outside. My face is shiny because I had my face on for nine hours at this point and my concealer is still in place. I’d sleep in this #FentyFace if I weren’t on a serious journey to healthy skin.
⭐Compared to the Match Stix, the new Pro Filt’r concealers are definitely much easier to work with. The Match Stixs need to be warmed up (on the back of your hand) before applying, while the new Pro Filt’r concealers are ready to go. Also, they have a flexible flat wand that makes applying under the curve of the eye super easy.
⭐While the Fenty Pro Filt’r concealer is super smooth and creamy, I have one minor criticism about it.
⭐When you remove the wand from the concealer tube, in my opinion, way more product than you need ends up being on the wand. I would dot just a little concealer under each eye and add more as needed. I blended my concealer with an 
 IT Cosmetics foundation brush, but I don’t foresee using a sponge changing how the concealer applies.
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