All bottled up! Silicone storage bottles

I don't travel much. But since I went overboard and got a *ahem* few of these as freebies, I've already given my extras away to family. So I keep these leftovers to put skincare and bath products in. They are really useful when you have only a little left in the bottle and want to put it in a smaller container. I also use these to put lotion or something on my purse. They hold up well when other types inevitably either leak and cause a mess in my purse or are just difficult to refill. These are all refillable, with a wide rim, easy to clean and leak-proof. 

Here are a few brands I've purchased: 

1. PACETAP - $10.88 on Amazon

These are my favorite. It's a normal slide zippered plastic bag but it holds up well. The bottles are a different shape, with ridges on the sides so the don't easily slip out of your hands. There's still silicone and flexible but they are shady study enough to stand on the cap it the bottom. They have a one way value so liquids don't get sucked back into the bottle. The package comes with 5 different colors of bottles, 2 - 65ml and 3 - 85ml. It also comes with 2 10ml facial cream jars ( the silicone leaf ties are not included. I forgot I put them in there 🀣). 


2. ZOLEN - $7.99 on Amazon (no longer available) 

This set of 4 comes in a strong, zippered carring case. These are unique because they have a suction cup so you can stick them to the shower wall or a mirror if you want to. There are two sizes of bottles: 2 - 3 oz and 2 - 4 oz?


3. Sorliva - $12.99 on Amazon (no longer available). 

This carrying case includes 2 60ml containers and 2 80ml containers. It also comes with 3 facial cream jars and facial cream spoon. As you see, I already used two (for leftover body wash). 😁 

Substitution: PACETAP 10pcs set for $9.89 on Amazon


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  • Nicole Hoffman

    Thank you for postingπŸ€“

  • Tabitha Mckendrick

    Reusable storage bottles are the best!! β™» 🌎