All About Shampoo Bars: Sustainable Hair Care

Two weeks ago, I took my friend into LUSH to buy a shampoo bar. You know, the shampoo that looks like a soap bar that went viral? 
At first what got my attention was the idea of one less bottle in my liquids carry-on, and that they are package and plastic free. But the jury was out on whether it would be good enough to replace my old shampoo.

Since they are not liquid, they won’t take up any space in your liquids carry-on allowance. If you use a lot of liquid products like me, it’s literally a godsend. They are also lighter and smaller than liquid bottles, so they won’t add any kilos to your suitcase either!
The bars are plastic and package free, which is so important in contributing to the fight against plastic pollution. It is estimated that we throw out 552 million shampoo bottles a year, and while many say they are recyclable, most still end up in landfills or oceans. 
A single bar is roughly equivalent to 80 washes or 3 medium-sized shampoo bottles, depending on the length of your hair. At around £6.50 a bar, they are great value for money. 
Another important benefit is that because of their tiny size relative to a shampoo bottle, they take up much less space in a lorry, thus reducing your carbon footprint. 
Like regular shampoos, there are several different bars to choose from, each suited to different hair types. All LUSH products are organic, using natural ingredients, safe synthetics and no detergents. Their shampoo bars should help get your hair back to its original shiny condition by washing away the chemicals left over by some other brands.
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While these are definitely more than enough reasons to give it a try, I still wanted to know what it’s like washing my hair with a bar, and if I would miss my old shampoo? 
Firstly, it’s super easy to use, you just rub it over your head and give it a rinse before setting aside to dry. You have to let them dry out between washes, so it’s worth buying a soap dish to leave it on if you don’t already have one in your shower.
The washing experience was far better than expected. My Seanik shampoo bar lathered up far better and quicker than my previous shampoos. I have very long hair and so I’m used to washing it twice, but quickly discovered that this was no longer necessary with the bar. 
I also bought a conditioning bar, which I struggled with at first. Initially, it wasn’t as conditioning as I had hoped, but once a few layers went off the bar, it became much better.
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Two weeks later, I’m now entirely sold on the bar over the bottle. I love all the benefits it brings to the environment, my hair, and my lifestyle. I’m making a conscious effort to live a more minimal, mindful life and that applies to all my consumer decisions, whether that’s groceries, cosmetics or fashion. 
There is nothing that a liquid shampoo does for my hair that the bar cannot. It leaves my hair feeling super clean, fresh and healthy. I don’t think I’ll be buying a bottle ever again. (And no, this is not a sponsored post!)

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  • Tina Geane

    WOW, a couple things just happened here! I feel like dancing💃💃💃Lara I could kiss you!💋 HAHA ☝ one I definitely want to Get shampoo Bars, b/c of the Environment of course & they are all natural, Lush is a AWESOME COMPANY, and my shower has so many bottles my shampoo his shampoo my shampoo my conditioner, his get it, And The NEXT thing I just realized I thought if I wanted to do a review of a product I had to do a video, I love doing reviews, but I've never made a video, But I can do it this way -How you did it Lara with the words, pictures, I've done lots, many that way! Once I get use to the format, Then maybe I will do a video, I've only been a part of all you wonderful Beautiful people for about 2 weeks. I don't know who signed me up? I wish I could say thank you! But, Lara I love your review on Shampoo Bar Soap I never heard of it, my first question was "What About Conditioner?" Then you answered that I have another question Is there types like for say Dandruff? I would need that for my BF. Does the bar get real slippery in your hand while your trying to soap up your hair. My only thought is like some bars of soap like dove, or soy soaps they are gone really fast. Does it really last? I'm so curious How's it smell. I have so many questions I'm sorry, I'm just really into it. You really got me going on this item! Thanks So Much for sharing such a wonderful product, and doing a great job doing your review You Rock! 💃💚

  • Amanda Lingle

    I want to try these so bad.

  • Emmy Bicknell

    This was a great review very descriptive and detail good job.

  • Bobbi jo Ruddell

    This would be great for vacation

  • Sonika Shrivastava

    Wow shampoo bar i never heard before

  • Ms_Jade

    This sounds amazing ! A great opportunity to cut out a chunk of plastic use!

  • Amber Pate

    I have heard of this product but never used before but since it looks like it comes in conditioner as well then I definitely want to try it out

  • Sarah

    I wanna try this I've tried different brands works amazing

  • Shauna Gholson

    I love that this is such a great way to use less waste!

  • Cynthia

    Never heard of shampoo bars before -- interesting and informative video. The difference between the ease of the shampoo bar and the 'false start' on the conditioner bar was a good thing to point out.

  • Rebekah Potter

    Thank you so much! I also have waist-length hair and that stopped me from trying these bars. Now I definitely will!!

  • Analisia

    I want to try this. I've never used lush before but heard its amazing.

  • Valerie Pfeil

    I love shampoo bars and Lush is AMAZING!!!

  • Lori Nixon

    I must try LUSH!! I wonder if it would work on my head of hair? Because it’s thick and long!

  • Cynthia

    I love LUSH !!!

  • Melissa Griffith

    I had no idea shampoo, and conditioner bars existed. thanks 4 post


    How unusual.. Defintely travel friendly.. I'd never tried anything like this.. Though I'm excited too!

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