This was a souvenir skincare product I bought while I was on vacation in Iceland. The Algea mask is composed of ingredients straight from Iceland's Blue Lagoon itself! It is known for it's antiaging effect. I personally couldn't make it to the Blue Lagoon, but I was able to cop a the mask at the airport before leaving! (There are three other mask types in this Blue Lagoon Product Line as well)

Price: 85 Euros for 75ml 
📦 Packaging: 
The product is packaged in a tube, hold quite a lot of product and looks very nature friendly. Size is fairly travel friendly as well they come in 20ml and 75ml sizes.

Scent is exactly what I expected, a very clean mossy fresh scent. Takes me straight to the Blue Lagoon as if I was there!

I definitely feel that my skin is more nourished after 5-10 min of leaving the mask on. I don't see huge difference with wrinkles and lifting. Although I haven't been using it 2-3 times a week since I don't have that much product to start. 

I like to just spread the product on my face with my hands durnig a bath or after a hot shower. I put it on whil it is steamy so my pores are open and can absorb the ingredients better!

I think this product is great to try but ultimately it's best when paired with Blue Lagoon experience. I do think it's a bit pricey for the amount of product you get, and I don't feel that the effects are that miraculous. overall, would recomment 3/5

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