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Activating Hair Trial Second Week

🍃Hello Everyone🍃 I am on my ✌second week of the Collective Laboratories Activating Hair Serum trial and thought I would just let everyone know how things have been progressing and give some insight on how I use this serum. 💰 The price for this serum is $39.00/mo This serum treats the scalp and helps to re-balace the oil levels so that you can maintain healthy hair. It contains amino acids, ginseng, biotin and other b vitamins which we all know is good for your hair. 👃The serum has a slight medicinal scent which dissipates quickly. My method of use is to wash🚿 my hair with Dove Moisturizering Shampoo and then condition with Dove Oxygen Conditioner.🧖‍♀️ I let my hair air dry most of the way and then I massage💆‍♀️ Collective Laboratories Activating Hair Serum into my scalp. It leaves a slight warming sensation. I did notice that my scalp was a little red after applying the serum but this did not last long. I then finish drying with the blow dryer and use the flat iron. 🍂I haven't really seen🙈 any significant change in the shedding of my hair nor have I seen🙈 any new hair growth but will continue to use the serum until my 4 week trial is done.🍂 🍃Will keep everyone up to date on any progress that I see.🍃

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