Swatching all COLOR CLUB Nail Lacquers from the PrismPop Tester Bag 😍

Hey everyone! Its your girl Nicole, and I just wanted to give you a close-up look at the COLOR CLUB nail lacquer that I recieved from The Prismpop Queens. I only did one coat of each shade, just to show you how differently they each apply in real life. Enjoy!

1) YES, OF QUARTZ: This is a shiny, iridescent unicorn quartz shade that had a full coverage in only 2 coats. Sweet shade
2) MARTIAN,MARTIAN,MARTIAN: I loved this color so much. It pretty much only needed one coat, but I always usually put 2 on. The dark green shines hard af and I love it
3) MATTE-ERIAL GIRL: This shade tricked me! In thought it was going to be ugly, but it turned out like a matte copper penny look, but when the sun hits it, it has a purple iredecant hugh.Very cool
4) COBBLER GOBBLER: I was so sad about this one! This is a 3 coat wonder and I wish it wasn't. I truly love this color over the other ones, but the application process was just sloppy. Beautiful light coral color
4) FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER: This is another one of those pretty colors like is it light blue or light purple, I can't tell lol but this needs a for sure 2 coats, for this Easter color
🌈I went on the COLOR CLUB website to check it out ,and they have over 250 shades of nail lacquers ranging from matte, to high gloss shine. Everything in-between. Lots of crazy shades that I have never seen before. Very impressive stuff, worth checking out. They sell COLOR CLUB in Wal-Mart too, so that's where I'll be scopeing out my next shade. Price ranges anywhere from $5-$9. I'll be sticking with the $5. These are non toxic and cruelty free as well
I honestly think that the COLOR CLUB colors are stunning and unique. The product itself is pretty liquidy and some shades need more coats then others but all in all its an OK nail lacquer. Doesn't beat OPI by any means.that is my go to for all of eternity. Thank you prismpop Queens for the sweet oppertunity! Love y'all! Don't forget the base and top coat to seal the deal! 
Thank you for viewing! Have you tried COLOR CLUB? What did you think? Wanna try? Hit the 😍♥ and score some coin! Follow for a follow! I'll catch ya later! Peace

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