A little Kush for your lashes!

What it is: Milk Make Up Kush Mascara

🎁 Comes in a mascara tube with a BIG bristle brush

💲Got mine from Ipsy but I believe it's around $20

👀 The Goods: I read so many positive reviews about this mascara I had to try it. (I have about 100 mascaras from beauty boxes, I just put them up til I run out of whatever I'm using) So the brush is pretty great, its huge and fat and gets every lash on the first swipe! I mean, *BAM* my lashes just blew up!  Its not clumpy or sticky either, I didnt have to do a thing but put it on. I usually have to comp or curl (or both) my lashes but wowza this stuff is GOOD. I'm gonna have to give this a big 👍 cuz its pretty amazing!

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  • Marilyn Wagner

    Another amazing ipsy find!! I love your review!!! Amazing detail. Lol I too call makeup mess ups boo-boos lol.

  • Tracey79

    Great review! I also have a million mascaras! I just received Milk Kush as a sample, but haven't tried it yet. I think you've convinced me that it's my next one to wear! Thanks!

  • nicole bowers

    WOW! What an informative video! You look great and were very detailed, organized, and provided useful and interesting information!!

  • Liv

    You convinced me to try this hardcore with the bam and no clumps! I’m so excited! Thanks for the review!!!

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