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This Origins Face Wash Dupe is Legendary 🔥

I wear makeup almost every day. Having a good cleanser is key to preventing breakouts and clogged pores from leftover makeup. Recently, I found a connection between these two cleansers that I own. I’ve used the Checks and Balances for a while and it’s a favorite of mine for daily cleansing and removing makeup. 
👍Recently, I’ve been trying the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. I heard this product was a cult favorite in Korea, for its quality and affordability. 
🌹The only notable differences are the scent and benefit claims. The Rice Water is heavily scented with rose, while the checks and balances smells like eucalyptus. 
⭐The Rice Water promote brightening and moisturizing while the Checks and Balances balances oil/dry skin. However, the main focus is to cleanse your skin. Honestly, I don’t notice the difference. 
The similarity in texture and latherability of the two products is uncanny. They are both very creamy and lather up like crazy. After meticulous observation, I noticed The Face Shop wash is a little more glossier and smooth, whereas the Origins wash is thicker and more opaque. 
✅After applying water to my face, I take less than a pea-sized amount and lather it all-over my face, making sure massage all my makeup off. I make sure to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards. 
💯Both of these cleansers yield a very clean feeling on my skin without being overly dry or taut. They both remove makeup really well. I honestly don’t sense any difference between the two. Regardless of whether or not you’re on a budget, the Rice Water Cleanser is definitely worth trying. It is half the price and double the volume (300 mL vs 150 mL) 🤑
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