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A Fresh, Dewy finish with Chok Chok (Prismpop tester bag)

     I was given the opportunity to try this awesome Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer with Citrine in exchange for my honest opinion!💚💚

This Chok Chok moisturizer comes in a pretty pink tub. It's  simple and pretty. On the cardboard packging, it says, "Chok Chok is dewy, bouncy, fresh and flawless skin, for the ultimate no-makeup look." It states that it is sulfate free, gluten free, and suitable for vegans! 😁😁

"Chok Chok is dewy, bouncy, fresh and flawless skin, for the ultimate no-makeup look." That is definitely the perfect way to describe this moisturizer! It is a pink cream, but very light, almost like a gel. It goes on very smooth and doesn't take much at all! It immediately provided more moisture to my dry skin! It is very dewy and fresh feeling! I only need to use this moisturizer once a day, usually in the morning, before my makeup.( I use a different cream at night with my serum.) It gives your makeup a smooth, fresh, canvas. My skin does look "glowy" and healthy with just the use of this on days I don't feel like makeup!

This moisturizer has a slight clean smelling scent. I rather enjoyed it, but just remember, it does have a mild scent!

The Chok Chok moisturizer is a great new addition to my skin care routine! I still have a favorite cream that I fall back on a couple of times a week, but this Chok Chok is quickly becoming a favorite that I'll continue to use! I recommend this for dry skin. It may be too much for oilier skin.

What is your fave go to moisturizer? I always love trying new skin care products! Comment and let me know your faves!💋💋

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    Such a great and thorough review! Thank you! This one sounds like it probably wouldn't work with my acne prone combo skin but I still love learning about new products. My favorite moisturizer is youth to the people superfood air-whip moisture cream, purlisse watermelon aqua balm and touch in sol All-in-one Beauty Aid cream. ❤️