A Foaming Cleanser that's Not Drying? Korres Greek Yoghurt

In todays video I’m using Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser.
Korres is actually a Greek company from Athens who started as a family business and now have global best-selling products.
I’m always looking and trying products for my dry skin. Cleansers can be difficult because they strip the skin of its oils.
This cleanser is made using Greek yogurt and is soap free. It foams (hence the name) but is anything but drying.
Directly after using this cleanser my skin didn’t feel dry! 
I didn’t feel like I had to immediately put on a moisturizer.
I'll still moisturize because my skin is SO dry, but I love that this product gets the job started!
A dry skin dream cleanser!

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