A dupe that stands on its own!! 💕Loreal Paris Lash Paradise💕#mymascara

Loreal Paris Lash Paradise is hands down my favorite mascara! The packaging is so cute. I love the pink shimmering tube. Even the wording is beautiful. 

This mascara is so affordable. You can find it for around 10$. You can get it anywhere they sell makeup. 

The best parts of this mascara are what's on the inside. It has a wonderful bristle brush that holds the mascara to it, so it gives the maximum volume to your lashes. I love the consistency of the formula. It's just the right amount of wetness. It applies so easily and leaves your lashes with a full volume look. It thickens and lengthens in one coat. For more drama go back in with a second coat. This mascara is so thick it can get clumpy so I go in with a lash separator after it dries. I love this mascara in both the waterproof and the washable formulas. The washable comes off easily and I use it every day. I wear waterproof on rainy or windy days. 

I have heard people say this mascara is a dupe for Better Than Sex Mascara but I think it stands on its own!

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  • Marija

    I had never tried this mascara but I have tested Better Than Sex Mascara you mentioned in your post. Your lashes look long and not clumpy. Pls check out my posts about mascaras and a lot more. Please follow me back. Also pls check out my posts, like them and comment. 💞 By doing all this, PrismPop may award you 156 coins on EACH of my posts. Thanks 👍💋💚💛 💖💜💙