Does the Boscia Charcoal Face Mask Really work for Sensitive Skin?

Hey, my Prism Poppers. It's your girl Alison Law!!

It's my first time trying out this charcoal face mask by Boscia. I want you to try this out and share you experience with me. 

👁The first thing that caught my attention with this product is that its  "Preservative- free for sensitive skin". It says the mask is; color free, gluten-free, ethanol alcohol-free and dermatologist tested.
👶I have sensitive skin and I always check to see whats in the ingredients. (Points for them on this one). The mask has; Charcoal, Montmorillonite Clay, Pine Bark Extract, and Vitamin C.
🖌During the process...
🍃While putting the mask on, I noticed there was a charcoal mint type of smell to it.
💧The liquid was very thick and messy. It took way to long for the mask to dry.
⏳I had to wait for 25-30 minutes. So, I recommend that you catch up on one of your favorite series while you're waiting for your face to dry.  
👩‍🔬Overall, this seemed like a freaking science project, lol. It's messy so make sure you're doing this in a safe way that doesn't mess up your clothing. It says to put a thick layer on your face. I thought I did just that but it still didn't turn out the right way. So maybe you have to put the entire bottle on your face to get the right results, IDK.  It wasn't enough for me to peel the mask off so I had to wipe the product off with a warm washcloth. 
🧐The aftermath...
💦I felt some type of hydration. I didn't really feel anything too exciting at all.
🤔Even though it says it's for sensitive skin I feel like my skin was irritated a little. I wasn't really feeling this product at all. Sorry guys! 
Like, comment and let me know what you would love for me to try next!!! 
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  • Yenifer Schalk

    Not a fan of charcoal peel off masks neither. I do however like dead sea mud masks!

  • Emma

    Right now I'm loving the Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% acid peel mask! It's quick and seems to be helping with chemical exfoliation.

  • Manisha Khanduri

    I want to try this too

  • Denise Carver

    I'm just not into the whole charcoal trend,like you said,its messy! I bought charcoal toothpaste recently and it was awful! I had to wash my face and lips,brush my teeth with reg toothpaste,and clean my sink! Just not worth the hassle,mask or toothpaste!

  • Tia kitchens

    I love any kind of face mask that is hydrating and cooling. I am not huge into peel off mask but I do like the wander beauty peel off mask. It’s gentle 😍

  • brittany

    Nice! I personally like to make my own face mask out of ingredients like honey, oats, etc. No harsh chemicals and it's a lot of fun!

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