Does the Boscia Charcoal Face Mask Really work for Sensitive Skin?

Hey, my Prism Poppers. It's your girl Alison Law!!
It's my first time trying out this charcoal face mask by Boscia. I want you to try this out and share you experience with me. 
👁The first thing that caught my attention with this product is that its  "Preservative- free for sensitive skin". It says the mask is; color free, gluten-free, ethanol alcohol-free and dermatologist tested.
👶I have sensitive skin and I always check to see whats in the ingredients. (Points for them on this one). The mask has; Charcoal, Montmorillonite Clay, Pine Bark Extract, and Vitamin C.
🖌During the process...
🍃While putting the mask on, I noticed there was a charcoal mint type of smell to it.
💧The liquid was very thick and messy. It took way to long for the mask to dry.
⏳I had to wait for 25-30 minutes. So, I recommend that you catch up on one of your favorite series while you're waiting for your face to dry.  
👩‍🔬Overall, this seemed like a freaking science project, lol. It's messy so make sure you're doing this in a safe way that doesn't mess up your clothing. It says to put a thick layer on your face. I thought I did just that but it still didn't turn out the right way. So maybe you have to put the entire bottle on your face to get the right results, IDK.  It wasn't enough for me to peel the mask off so I had to wipe the product off with a warm washcloth. 
🧐The aftermath...
💦I felt some type of hydration. I didn't really feel anything too exciting at all.
🤔Even though it says it's for sensitive skin I feel like my skin was irritated a little. I wasn't really feeling this product at all. Sorry guys! 
Like, comment and let me know what you would love for me to try next!!! 
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  • Jennifer Henning

    Awesome review. I use the same stuff only but it's not for sensitive skin and the other kind I have is a lot cheaper. I do have sensitive skin but the charcoal face wash I use really helps a lot. I'll try to find the product on here to right a review about it because it doesn't dry or break my face out, its actually helped breakouts and makes my face feel great. Thanks for sharing this product!!

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Great review. I agree it is messy!

  • Micheala

    My skin is a little dry hope this would work for me

  • Stephanie

    I was so excited to try the shape tape foundation because I’m absolutely in love with the original shape tape concealer. Went to the store as soon as it was released and bought like three shades and went home to try them out and they were so cakey. I was so disappointed. I tried both formulas and they were just too cakey on me and they didn’t want to blend in. I’ve tried a few more times with different primers and moisturizers just to give it another chance and no matter what I do it’s still turns out Kiki.

  • Nicole

    I soo wanna try this mask... But idk if i wanna if its going to be messy idk we shall see :)

  • Shaintel Spencer

    I love the charcoal peels because it literally pulls everything out of your pores. But it hurts so much. I do agree it was not thick enough on your face. But it was too hard for you to spread as well. This would have had my face bright red for days! Thank you for the honest opinion though.

  • Ashley Hunt

    This just recently happened to me. I got a Kypris Serum in my BoxyCharm. It's a $90 serum supposed to be good for all skin types. I am very oily and this made my face even more oily! This would work better for someone with very dry skin.

  • Chelli counts

    Awesome keep up the great work and I have been using tea tree and Retinol and like you I have sensitive skin and combination and I have found that tea tree oil and Retinol oil and serum help with people who have this skin type also try some Korean skincare items that has a plant base in it I really like using the Korean skincare products and I can say it makes a lot of difference in my skincare routines and I am just like you I look at the packaging too have a great day and weekend

  • Brittany Miranda

    Great video to show the experience. Charcoal masks are very messy and hard to peel off.

  • Cestlavia Batiste

    Thanks for showing the video, so we can actually see the process from start to are the Real MVP

  • Ja-Nee

    Oh no, that's horrible. I've tried a mask that was "Barbie" inspired. It was pink and glittery. Yeah, it was a total DISASTER!! it was so much glitter ( and I love glitter) that I had to use tape YES TAPE to get it of my face. It turned my face pink. It was horrible.

  • Laura teran

    OMG I tried it but I hated how it sticks to your skin it was horrible, like torture in a tube

  • Alicia Kelly

    These type of masks always irritate my face too! I prefer a mud mask or enzyme exfoliant

  • Christy Sargent

    I also have sensitive skin & every charcoal mask I have used has irritated my face. Heres to hoping we find a winner soon!

  • Lana Stanberry

    Yeah i think i would of been a little aggravated too after all that!!

  • nekozukiChris

    i have sensitive skin too. though with dermagraphism pretty much anything like a peel or exfoliant will leave my skin red and irritated for a while. but most likely not the product I need to try.

  • Alexis Kyle

    It made my skin VERY red but I guess it really depends on the skin-type.

  • Naf

    Yeah, that would probably make me angry too if I couldn't peel it off either. This one time a facial moisturizer (can't remember the name) worked to moisturize my skin but it also gave my skin redness all around. I am not sure who it would be for, but it didn't work for me.

  • Tia kitchens

    As bad as I hate to say it because this product is absolutely loved by so many but just didn’t work all that well for me is the MAC paint pot. It makes me sad too because I love many of the other MAC products.

  • Angela Casillas

    Very informative. Thanks for the video

  • Amanda

    Oh goodness, great review. A fail for me was the Millani eye primer, too cakey😞😉👍 Those face masks can be iffy too though!😂👍

  • Quarterlife Balance

    I tried a natural face scrub from TJs that did NOT agree with me at all, feel ya on that!

  • Jennifer

    I think i have to sensitive of skin for peel off mask. Nice video.

  • trisha warren

    I have very sensitive skin and have done a couple of pull of masks and the results always ends the same with a burnt red face I dont go near pull off masks anymore

  • Tiffany

    I live the video, I actually tried this and peeled it off. It hurt b wss cause it pulled allll of my hairs on my face. I wonder if your method of wiping it off would work better ! Thank you for sharing.

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