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$90 HAIR OIL!?? SO worth it...

THIS IS... Gisou Honey Hair Oil 🍯💕
It comes in a huge pink box. I never usually keep the packaging, but this one is so pretty. It also comes with a book with ways to use it, Negin Mirsalehi's story, etc. 
I'm absolutely a fan of this hair oil. It's naturally curly so it's really porous. It also doesn't have much shine. 
The ingredients come from the Mirsalehi garden. 
⭐This oil gives a really natural shine that's not greasy or heavy.
✅I apply it every day and only wash my hair every three days.
⭐I feel like it's penetrating into my hair. I've been using this for several months around 5 times a week. I use a lot and there's still a lot left in this bottle. I think that this bottle will last me through the year. This is another reason why I think it's worth it. 
⭐This oil is different than all the oils I've ever tried. The consistency is super thick, but it's not greasy AT ALL. It almost has a powdery texture and is almost invisible oil. 
⭐I mainly use it as a finishing touch to my hair so that I get that shine and polish and protect my hair. 
🤑 $90 is a lot. I don't think I can justify the normal price for it, but I'd highly recommend joining a mailing list for Urban Outfitters or looking for discounts for this oil.
Have you tried this oil and do you justify this cost?
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