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7 Vital Vitamins in Dr. Jart+ Radiance Serum

✨ Dr. Jart+ is a Korean skincare brand that is well known for their highly-raved BB Cream. With their motto "Not Medicine. It's Derma Cosmetics", Dr. Jart+ hopes to find the solution for beautiful skin through systematic science.
👉 It all began with Dr. J, a dermatologist whose lifelong goal to satisfy his patients ultimately led to the first Dr. Jart breakthrough formulas. It soon evolved into a full line of cosmeceuticals, with a team of 21 dermatologists collaborating in the Dr. Jart Laboratory, working together to break the old concept of primary skincare and include the vision of basic skin recovery and improvement.
☀️ V7 Radiance Serum ☀️
The V7 series is amazing because it has 7 essential vitamin components! It helps rejuvenates damaged skin and takes cares of skin tones and textures with a more brightening effect. The V7 Radiance Serum has this 7 essential vitamins and radiance capsulesthat makes skin crystal clear and bright!
I find that one pump of the serum is enough to cover my whole face, a little does go a long way! The serum does give a immediate glowing effect and it doesn't feel sticky at all if you don't over-pump it (Yes, we did tried applying a lot!). This V7 Radiance Serum also has Royal Jelly extract for skin recovery and rejuvenation, it is also suitable for all skin types.
The V7 Radiance Serum contas these 7 vital vitamins:
✔️ Vitamin A - Anti-wrinkle, promotion turnover
✔️ Vitamin B3 -Brightening
✔️ Vitamin B5 - Anti-inflammatory
✔️ Vitamin C - Brightening and skin rejuvenate
✔️ Vitamin F - Antioxidant
✔️ Vitamin H - Anti-inflammatory and preventing skin trouble
The V7 Radiance Serum is also free from all harmful addictives!
💧 Dermaclear Microwater 💧
👉 Recently, there is a hype for micellar waters because its light yet effective! DermaClear is micro active hydrogen water that enable to remove makeup & impurities and tones the face. Not only that, it has galactomyces and mineral ingredient that provide bright and silky skin texture. The product does not have any fragrance at all!
👍 This product also does not contains 10 harmful additives like parabens, tar dyes, mineral oil, talc, articifical fragrance, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, propylene glycol and petrolatum.
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