Look Like A Princess, Feel Like A Girl Boss With This Tarte Bronzer

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💕 I got my husband to spoil me with this one. I received the Park Avenue Princess Bronzer in one of my Ipsy Glam Bags and love it. When I saw that Tarte was coming out with this Palette I was so excited. I love every Tarte product that I have ever tried so I really wanted to step out and give this a try.

✨ The Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette is an Amazonian clay-infused bronzer bar with 6 bronzing & highlighting powders. Tarte claims on their website: “Bronzes & highlights for a girlboss glow so you can confidently #ownyourcrown. The 4 universal bronzing powders (two matte, two shimmery) add a natural (never orange!) glow to a wide range of complexions for a customizable bronze all year long, while the 2 matte highlighters add brilliance to your look – the soft matte ivory lets you shine without the shimmer & the yellow correcting shade brightens away sallow tones under the eye. It combines finely-milled Amazonian clay, mineral pigments & vitamin E for the weightless wear of a powder & the blendability of a cream for a smooth, streak-free, silky-fine finish. It claims to be oil Free and with a 12 hour wear time.”

👉 The shades are beautiful. The formula is amazing, the shades are silky smooth like butter. The two shimmer shades, Carat and Crown, lack shimmer. When I use them, I don’t see any radiance or glow that you would think that they would give off because they are supposed to shimmer. However that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I have other bronzers that have shimmer that is way too much and I am glad that these ones are not that way. They are amazing and I use Carat almost every day. I use Crown when I want a more structured contour but then go in with Princess Cut to give the all over bronze.

🥰 I love the highlight shades to set my concealer. I actually like to mix both the ivory shade Halo and the yellow shade Enhance together and I end up with a little more coverage as well as my dark circles are more canceled out.

👑 The Packaging is sturdy and super luxurious. If I were to see this on someone’s vanity and didn’t know a thing about Tarte I would think this palette costs way more than it does. I love the rose gold theme they chose. It really is beautiful and I am so glad that a mirror is included.

👍 Honestly this whole palette is amazing. I don’t really have anything negative to say. I don’t agree with their claims of having two shimmering bronzers and two mattes. I honestly feel that all four bronzers are matte. They do last when applied, I am not sure I can definitively say that they last the claimed 12-hr wear time, as I usually don’t wear my makeup that long however I am confident that it will last you a good 10 hours, so I think it could totally last 12-hrs. As stated above from Tarte, all the shades are natural looking without any orange undertones. To me that is actually very important because I have used some that made me look like an oompa-loompa and trust me that is not a look you really want to be rocking. I use each of the shades differently based on the look I am going for, I never have any issues, I can use the darker shades for a more structured look or use the lighter ones for a more subtle look, but always with the same results in looking natural and flawless.

💓 All I can really say is that I love this product. Tarte really did a great job with this and I highly recommend it. If you are interested in a higher end bronzing palette, you should definitely check this one out.

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