5 Things They Didn't Tell You About Pond's!

For decades, skincare enthusiasts have YELLED about the wonders of Pond's moisturizer cold cream. BUT, did you know that Pond's has a Makeup Remover too?? Pond's is a company that spans from the 1920s and has gained loyal customers for 100 years! STILL, there may be things NOONE TALKS ABOUT with Pond's creams that you are missing! Are you ready? Let's get started...
1. You may be familiar with Pond's Moisturizer, but do you know about Pond's Makeup Remover??
For YEARS, I have heard about the Fabulous Pond's Moisturizer! Fans of this product are CONVINCED that this is the promising product we've all been looking for! But what if you're not looking for a moisturizer? What if you're happy with what you have?
Well... Enter Pond's Cold Cream! Yes, yes, you may have your two cleansers picked out, but are you priming your skin with a makeup remover? Many are not!
Why should you? The importance of a makeup remover is to clean off your makeup (duh!) and allows your cleanser to be more effective, as it can actually reach your skin. In essence, it's a great first step in your routine that helps your skincare work at its best!
2. Pond's Cold Cream is available for Sensitive Skin!
Have trouble finding just the right level of gentleness for you? Is most skincare too strong for your skin? Pond's has you covered! Their Cold Cream comes in a regular AND a Sensitive Skin formula! No more worrying about your skin burning off.
3. It Leaves Your Skin SO SOFT!
You might still be questioning why to use a makeup remover. You have cleansers, you say, you have a perfect routine! Does that routine start off with your skin feeling silky soft? If not, this should definintly be on your list! After applying and removing Pond's Cold Cream, your face will be captivatingly smooth and you'll wonder what took you so long!
4. Pond's Cold Cream has MANY uses to fill in the gaps in your skincare regimen!
While Pond's Cold Cream is marketed as a makeup remover, it works for SOO much more! Since it leaves your skin so soft, it is a great moisturizing bonus, and helps support or replace your existing moisturizer! Have dry skin? Try leaving it as an overnight mask!
The best part? This Cold Cream is for ALL SKIN TYPES! So what are you waiting for?!
5. IT WORKS GREAT! (Ok, you might've expected this one)
Got that stubborn waterproof mascara formula? That full coverage foundation? That liquid lipstick that JUST. WON'T. BUDGE?? YOU need Pond's Cold Cream! This stuff gets EVERYTHING off of your face with NO struggle! Just massage it in where you need it and BOOM! Gone. Just wipe it off with a cotton ball/pad or washcloth and never worry if you're going to sleep with half a face again.
You'd think this would be all there is to know, but not at all! There's still so much to learn about this product you can find for yourself :)  It's no wonder this product has stayed relevant for so long, and Pond's word of mouth advertising has worked so well!
Still not sure Pond's Cold Cream is all up to snuff? Try it yourself and let me know your results in the comments below!
I'm so excited to share this and look forward to hearing your own reviews!

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  • Elizabeth Stevens Singh

    My adoptive mother was already pushing 60 when I came along, and even into her 70s she still looked remarkably youthful. She used Angel Face powder (which I miss greatly, but Ponds still has a similar product in Thailand) and Ponds Cold Cream. That was it. No pricey serums or buzzword products, and until her final illness looked 10 to 15 years younger.

  • Teresa Greer Clark

    Definitely! Take it back to old school! I've always loved the way Ponds makes my face feel. My grandmother used it as well! There's a reason it's still around today! Thanks for sharing and reminding people that sometimes tried and true through the years is great!

  • Julianne

    My grandma and my mother still use ponds cold cream and I always remember seeing it on their dressers as a kid. Since I started double cleansing I figured I'd try this as my first step and I love it especially now that they make a fragrance free version. I wear a full face of makeup almost everyday and this stuff easily breaks down all my foundation as well as waterproof mascara. I have oily Skin and this hasn't broken me out. And you can't beat the price. A little goes a long way! Cleansing balms and oils can be quite pricey so it's nice knowing that there's an affordable option out there.

  • Jessica Lightner

    I use Pond's Cold Cream, too. I love that it can be used multiple ways. I use it a moisturizer because it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I also use it to take of my eye makeup. It's a great product and it's a good price. And it also saves me money because I don't have to buy a separate moisturizer and eye makeup remover. That's always a plus!

  • SherryR

    Wow, never knew this. I would love to see the loyal customers photos after using this for 30, 40 or 50 years. Just curious . It must be good if its been around for this long.

  • Robin Bell

    This article is fantastic I see ponds in the store and I never think about stopping to pick it up because I always think of it as my grandmothers skin care

  • Aimee Burch

    I use this to take off my waterproof mascara. Works like a charm

  • Niasia

    This is an old school classic that I used to watch my mother use as a child. This never broke her out. Awesome for makeup removal.

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    I have and use the exact Pond’s cream that is in your picture. My all time favs are probably Pond’s and Olay❣️ I have and used many more expensive brands, but I’m pretty loyal to those two! They’re just too simple and classic. No big routines! No having to do a big regimen! After washing my face, I can use them on a no makeup day, light makeup day, or full makeup day, and they always make my face look light, dewy, and smooth 🥰

  • Drea Rahming

    Oh yes this has been my go to for years my Aunt, Grandmother and Mother all had a jar of this on their vanity table and let me tell you their skin was soft and supple past their age (think 50's and upward) also the price point is great for even the most modest budget and like Christy said it's a multi-tasker

  • Dana Fredrickson

    Im 51 and as a young girl I remember my Mother & Grandmother using Ponds Face Cream. It removes all your makeup and leaves your skin soft & silky. It has a amazing smell that only can be Ponds, a light floral scent. Ponds has always been affordable & reliable.i will continue to buy and use.💕

  • sharon pearson

    I didnt know it was still around

  • Tho

    I loved it too great job keep up the good work you only get out what you put in xoxo

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Loved your review thanks for the helpful info!

  • Rita Whirls

    I've never used Pond's, it sounds interesting.

  • amie irvin

    My grandmother introduced me to Ponds, she always spoke highly of the it products!!

  • Erin Taranto

    I need to buy some cold cream. I remember my Mom using it growing up, and her skin looked great! I enjoyed your review and am definitely purchasing!!!

  • Teri Freeman

    I love this review! I have used Ponds green tea moisturizer and Ponds cold cream for years. Have you ever looked at your grandmother’s skin and notice how soft and almost poreless it appears? Ponds. The moisturizer absorbs fast and leaves my skin silky soft as a base for any primers and makeup I wear. And the cold cream! The cold cream takes off every trace of stubborn long wearing makeup.

  • Serena

    Wait...Rewind. You are so right and I always see Ponds but for some reason I always walk right by it and never gave this classic a chance! That will change as of now. 😃When I was reading your post it reminded me of one of those infomercials that I love. Waterproof mascara? BOOM gone, all day foundation? 💥 BOOM gone!

  • Brandi Wells

    Great information, thank you.

  • Angie

    I've used it before! It removes all your makeup and keeps your skin smooth. Its recommended.

  • Tamara Poole

    Ponds is a great old school product that has kept up w the times. Great review. This is something everyone should have around because it's super useful inexpensive and easy to find.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Ok. You convinced me. I am almost out of my gel cleanser so I'm going to try Pond's Cold Cream. Thanks for the great review 👍.

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