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💄I am a lipstick addict, the kind who keeps on buying similar shades from different brands. However, buying lip liners is a different story. If you find the right nude lip liner, it can work with 5 different nude lipsticks. I guess only needing a small pencil holder for my lipliners is a silver lining to having a drawer full of lipsticks.
✏️In my recent ULTA trip, I picked up the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in some useful shades to complement my lipstick collection. 💰💰💰They’re super affordable, only $4 each, and come in a whooping 44 shades. Okay options. Took me a while to decide on just 5 shades but here I am to share my first impressions, swatches, and wear test.
📦Packaging – Nothing wrong with a simple pencil and cap combo. And I love how the end of pencil coordinates to the shade so I don’t lose them in the sea of pen-shaped products I own.
The pencils also come pre-sharpened to a precise but not dangerous tip.
🌈Colors – I got 4 versatile colors and 1 wildcard.
- Natural – medium beige
- Citrine – Pearlescent pink (the wildcard obviously)
- Cabarat – plum red
- Hot red – true red
- Espresso – Deep warm brown (for the grungy days)
💋Application – All the swatches were smooth but not to waxy. The colors are vibrant but still forgiving as long as I don’t put too much pressure on them. I was pleasantly surprised that “Citrine” was as smooth as the other given the unique finish.
Texture – The lip liners dry down very fast and all but “citrine” have a soft matte finish. This close up definitely shows how even the pigmentation is!
💯 Wear & Verdict – I lined my lips using  “Cabarat” and applied one of my favorite Pat McGrath lipsticks in “Flesh 13”. I would recommend applying a little bit of lip balm to avoid tugging and optimal performance.  The lipstick wore off after 4-5 hours of drinking water and snacking but the lip liner was still going very strong! (An awkward look but proves a point lol)
❤️ My verdict is.... I won't be buying new lip liners for a LONG while. 

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  • Jennifer Henning

    I soo badly need some of these pencils. Great colors. Awesome review.

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Such a great review! I love how you applied all the colors in a row to show the differences.

  • Jennifer Henning

    I love all these colors, it's really hard to pick one. I'd prolly go with natural, and either of the reds. This product sounds amazing from the description with helping with Lining, shaping, and filling in lips to contour your most kissable lips yet. Achieve a fuller lip look by overlining lips just above the natural lip line to get a plump, to get a perfect pouted lip look. Great idea and product I gotta look into because my lips could use a little thickness to them, they seem kinda thin to me.

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    WoW Katchina Such incredible pics!! Absolutely LOVE your shots!! Your color choices were beautiful I do believe you honored can pull off ANY color with your skintone and of course such a beautiful face!! Loved all the information in your review I don't think you left anything unsaid! Thank you very much for your talent hunny it really shows!! 😊😊

  • Pauline

    This was a fun review that definitely shows up close color match. Loved the photo's done well. Made it easy to make a choice. Long sticks too.

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    Hi Katchina! Thank you for such an interesting review! You really covered all areas of these liners, I like you have also done the mixture of liners with lipsticks it's a budget friendly shopping experience that's a huge plus! I agree with certain colors being able to blend with other "sister" colors with liners and lippies!! Thanks again!! 😊👍😊

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Gorgeous colors!!

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I haven't tried many lip liners but these do look very nice. Thanks for the honest and thorough review.

  • Joylynn Grindle

    I don't use lip liners often but you make it sound like I need too start lol nice review

  • Marley

    I love lip liners my only problem is when they get dull and need to be sharpened ! My sharpener always eats up the liner or ? I can't find my sharper ...I need a good twist up liner

  • Shelly Jacquez

    Omg love your pics!!!! Help me so much

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