4 simple steps to a brighter smile 😁

Stinky breath with teeth that could use a little more shine? Don't worry guys I've got you covered with my morning oral care routine! 😁

First up oil pulling! This one is super simple all you need is 1 tbsp of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 10 minutes. This helps remove the bacteria that causes bad breath and whiten teeth. Once you're done spit DO NOT swallow the oil. 🥥

Up next is brushing your teeth I like to use a charcoal tooth powder by My Magic Mud and then just your basic anti-cavity toothpaste to follow up dont forget to brush your tongue and brush for a minimum of 2 minutes.✌🏾

Super simple here get that shot of mouth wash going and swish it around for 60 to 90 seconds I use Tom's alcohol free whitening mint! 🤓

Finally I use my HiSmile teeth whitening kit for 10 minutes I recommend doing this twice a week maximum if you have more sensitive teeth or gums I'd recommend only once a week. 💫 

Try adding some of those steps to your daily oral care routine and I can guarantee you'll see improvements in your smile and if you want to try any of the products I use click that "I wanna try button" have a good one guys! 😁

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