4-N-1 is all you need!

If you are looking for the perfect skincare kit, this is it. I recieved this in of my beauty boxes. 

Items in packet:




Packaging: The packaging is super cute and fun. I like that all of the steps are in same but seperate packes. Makes it easier to use and also perfect for traveling. 

Textures: The cleanser is awesome. It foams nicley and isnt harsh on your skin.

The Sheet mask gives your skin a quick 20 min refesher and boost. It also gently exfoliates and makes your skin so smooth. 

The face and eye cream are perfect. The textures are so nice and perfect for  makeup as well!! 

Price: $8-$10


Overall this is a perfect skincare packet! You have everything you need inside on place so you do not have to worry about carry multiple products if you are on the go or if you like more simple ways of doing things. Its very affordable and easy to use. I love products are easy and effective and these are it. This is a great 4-n-1 product. 



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