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Let's take a closer look πŸ‘€ at this Activating Hair Serum

I'm over the walls about this product. I'm a sufferer of extreme dandruff & minor hair loss starting at a very young age. I put my hair through so much trauma with frequent bleach kits & extreme hair dyes. I've back-combed, ratted out, hair sprayed entire cans and basically destroyed my hair to a point that forced me to chop my hair off entirely a few years back. Even so, my hair has never fully restored back to life. I've noticed stuff that could only be explained by the trauma of putting it through all that I mentioned. Balding spots, a cradle cap, flaking skin...not to mention, soreness in multiple areas that can't be quite explained. Tender to the touch and very very red.I've tried oils, serums, creams but most were decent bandaids that only temporarily stopped my issues for short periods of time. With the chemicals found in most products nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if most of them contributed to my hair problems, too.
Collective Laboratories Activating Hair Serum states that with daily usage, can treat the scalp with nutrients & amino acids. With Minerals & botanicals that help rebalance oil levels that aid in healthy hair growth.
The serum is Sulfate, Paraben, Gluten & cruelty-free. So it should come as no surprise that this stuff is also Vegan! Absolutely lovely!
To sum how it works down--the serum penetrates the scalp, seeps into the follicle and nourishes from the root. Ginger stimulates blood flow, which is primarily the reason behind hair loss. Stimulating the roots also aids in hair growth, so this stuff can be used if you are looking to lengthen your hair. I'm going to be using mine just for the scalp health but if my hair starts to grow back and stronger, that will definitely be a plus! Also, fortifying the strands will prevent breakage and bring dull hair back to life.

Yes, icky! I got some pretty bad Dandruff. But Dandruff isn't just yeast & bacteria build up. Sometimes people are born with cells that produce and shed quicker than others. This can result in flaking and bleeding. At this stage, it's not so much Dandruff as it is more Psoriasis of the scalp. I can't stress how much bullying I got from my flaking scalp. People laughing at me or being disgusted. Making those comments about how I "should just wash my dirty hair" as if I'm not crying in the shower as it already is, scrubbing my scalp raw. So, yes. This hits home for me and having a product that can help restore my scalp back to a proper level of health will be much more than just a nice little Sunday treatment but rather, a life changing experience. 

MY EXPERIENCE--I followed as instructed. They claim on the bottle that the serum should be applied to clean, dry hair. So, I took a shower and patted my hair dry before applying anything.The above photo is after I took a quick shower. I was using the applicator tip to look through my hair, to see the damage I was dealing with. My scalp usually isn't too bad right out of the shower. Damping the flakes tends to conceal them. But the white of my scalp really proves the lack of blood circulation.So, I'm hoping that a prolonged use of this stuff can help my hair, even just a little bit. As I mentioned earlier, I am only focusing on my scalp. So, I parted my hair in the front and back. Little sections at a time, using a comb to go between each section and applying the serum systemically, row by row. Part by partAfter I finished the circumference of my skull, I then combed my hair back to get my frontal parts & baby hairs. As instructed on the bottle. When I was finished with the front, I combed fully through my hair to evenly distribute everything. Massaging my roots with my fingertips. Getting all that serum in every nook & cranny. 
The feeling was exactly what you'd expect from something with Ginger in it. A mild warming tingle that didn't hurt at all. Stimulating my scalp and actually helping to stop most of my soreness as mentioned earlier. It felt like a dozen little warm fingers pulsating and massaging my skull. It was very nice, the experience for me was quite the pleasant one.

Letting it soak into my hair, I allowed my scalp to just air dry. As you can see in the above image, I really went into my scalp. Hahaa... the bottle was half empty when I was done. I have A LOT of hair to go through!

This above image was the day after, that shine doesn't lie! My hair feels so soft, so smooth. I also have phantom tingles that linger, like it woke up my scalp and never really left. I'm very happy.MY VERDICT--This stuff works! I'm sure with prolonged use, this will greatly benefit my scalp. I'm going to keep using my bottle until it runs on empty. Once I finish, I'll definitely be updating with better result shots! I can't wait!Thank you for reading. Hopefully this was interesting enough to have kept your attention to read this bit of words here. Hahaa Have you tried this serum yet? If not, would you? Please use this time to rate as helpful, comment, like & follow me! Xoxo

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  • Bonita kasee

    I'm with u on the hair loss. Mine is from age and over process I could use this.excited to see your long term use results. Thanks for sharing.great post

  • Jaxgma

    Looks like you got some great results right away. I am happy for you.

  • Rose Katz

    🌹🌹This is a great review! That is so sad that you have been bullied for your condition with your scalp. People can be so mean. I"m so glad that this has already started working for you. Your hair looks so shiny. My hair tingled the next day too after I tried this product. I am excited to see what will happen. Thanks again for the great review! 🌹🌹

  • Pauline

    Like Collective Lab. Hair Serum. I think the ginsing helps to activate, growth and condition. From what I have seen from the pictures growth is present alright. Hope they continue to keep this one. Helpful review.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Wow great review of the hair serum. Loved all your photos.

  • Rita Whirls

    Great review. Lots of information. I like the results. This is a product on my to use list.

  • Katie

    This serum definitely made a difference in your hair!! Incredible results after just one use, wow!!! Can’t wait to see your long term results!

  • Erin Taranto

    Awesome review! I'm hoping for results with my dandruff as well. Hope it works out for you babes!

  • Tina Brehm

    ok first that was an excellent review! I learned a lot that I didn't know so thanks for that! Secondly im truly sorry you were bullied about this breaks my heart but you seem to have a very sweet, kind and generous attitude and I applaud you for trying to stay positive. Lastly do you have any health issues? I ask because that and certain medications can cause some of the problems your experiencing. I have a rare incurable autoimmune illness and at times my hair and scalp have been impacted but doing much better now. I would love for you to do a follow-up on this especially if you continue for a couple of months. Your hair looked amazing after just one use!

  • Asti Custard

    Awesome thanks for the review

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