Ardell Brow Defining Kit - 4 shades, Wax & a Brush in ONE little kit!

The Ardell Brow Defining Kit has 4 different color powders for all your brow needs. I use the bottom 2 colors for the perfect shade. πŸ’πŸΎ
This powder is SO easy to use with an angled brush. It comes with a mini brush, but I use a bigger one that I got from Target. πŸ’–
I definitely recommend this kit for anyone who wants a fast, natural looking brow. ✨

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  • Hannah Marie

    Those browsssss!!!! 😍😍😍❀

  • Brittany Hayes

    Wow!!! Just wow😍

  • Lindsey

    I love the 4 shades and how easy it looks! I need to try some new stuff so this is on my list

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I just gave this to a friend who's trying to start doing her brows again. It's such a great little eyebrow palette. You are beautiful and you make your filled brows look so natural. Thanks for the review.

  • Charlena

    Am definitely a beginner

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I made a post on the salon perfect eyebrow kit that is identical to this one, but $4 cheaper

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Looks really easy. Looks great on you. You are right I watched you fill you brows in and I still could not tell by looking at them that you filled them in. They absoloutley look real and beautiful. Thank you for the informative review and video. I am new to makeup even though I'm 37 lol but I found I do enjoy but I'm having a hard time learning how to apply different make up and what shades works best for me and things I'm glad you said it is really easy even if your a beginner so I may try this thank you

  • haku izunami

    that really does look natural on you! and it is a reasonable price it looks like it would work for different color brows. which is nice because i need a really dark brown.

  • Cakefacebrit

    Girl your seriously BOMB at doing reviews and I love you already!!! What’s your IG!?!? Follow me and let me know like dm me over IG so I can find and follow you back cuz I really need to keep in touch with you and watch all your reviews because your so helpful. And a motivation for me to start making videos ❀️❀️

  • Anna hudson

    I definitely prefer shadows over pencils,and semi permanent tattoos.

  • Paula Pennachio

    I love it and I love how quickly you don't too. The colors are great. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Christine Krzeczkowski

    Is it lame that I only use a one color pencil? So, I guess I only have 1 step in my routine.

  • nicole bowers

    Thanks for a great video, it was very detailed and informative!

  • Britney Ammons

    I love your eyebrows and I definitely want to try this brow kit!

  • Rosy Nadikuda

    I love brow kits.. always wanted to try πŸ™Œ

  • Sara Smart

    I have health problems that caused 7 years of no brows,loss of some lashes,even my hair, off & on.Cut my hair whi h was a biggie, the new natural products have some brows growing in! This would be great for when mine thicken up.Especially in your pocket or going out tiny purse! Especially with winter & the holidays.As it is I still use all products in blonde coz I skipped " grey" & went to I use an Almay stick wax pencil, a pomade & puff at other end item & depending on what my skin is "doing" & conditions, tap off with 1 more pomade or powder brush on.Hopefully before Valentine's day I can be trying this!

  • Mercy

    I love love love your style girl.You sure make it easy.

  • Catie wilson

    Oh my god I’m in love with your eyebrows

  • Katie

    Love your eyebrows!! I personally don’t use any products in mine.

  • Danielle Gentry

    I use a similar palette that I recieved in the Walmart beauty box. I would like to try this one though. I use about 3-4 products on my brows right now def the longest part.of my makeup routine.

  • Colette Bolster

    I've used a kit similar to this. I really struggle with doing my brows. My brows are so light that they don't show up without doing something. I cannot seem to get an even looking arch on each eye, always different!

  • angel

    look great on you

  • Brittany Miranda

    Looks great and so easy to match for color and apply

  • Tammy Rynsky

    This video was very helpful I use three products during my routine. I will def be trying this. Thank you!

  • jessica powell

    I use 2 brow products daily (3 if you include the brush)& I would definitely try the Ardell Brow Defining Kit! I love that everything comes in a compact, so you have everything you need at your fingertips & it would be great for travel!

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